Fabulous Friday – 04/07/2014

4 July 2014
With Fabulous Friday I want to share with you guys the things that I have really loved during the week. I absolutely love reading about products and seeing new things. What is awesome about Fabulous Friday is that it is only a quick feature. Let’s face it – Monthly favorites can get a bit long.

For some reason my skin decided to have a “panic wobble” and I actually had to go to the doctor to get some medicine. My worst nightmare came true when Mr Doctor told me “no fancy products. No creams and butters and oils. Only DOVE” my heart sank to the floor and I had to put all the creams and lotions to the back and make space for my HUGE bottle of Dove lotion.

I think I have to say “thank you” to Mr Doctor as I have made a huge discovery. I love Dove. For some reason I have never reached for any Dove products at the store in the past. It will always feature in my collection from now on.

I have to be totally honest and say I’m not 100% sure what this is called exactly. Basically it’s a moisturising shower gel. It has got a slightly flowery scent with a hint of honey and I have to stop myself every morning from #1 Sniffing the bottle and #2 Not using too much. It is so creamy and it smells so nice. It really creates a nice lather. I almost want to say it looks like a bubble bath by the time I’m finished showering J
Now in my previous post I have mentioned the Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser and I have to admit that I am not 100% sold on the in shower moisturiser. I mean, what does it help if you rinse it off again? Now apparently the Dove has some oils that gets absorbed into the top layer of your skin and restores the outermost part of your skin. When looking for a good moisturiser, natural ingredients like soybean oil, Glycerin & stearic acid are signs of good ingredients. These ingredients can help to restore the outermost layer of your skin.
For me any product that smells good get a thumbs up, but I have learned lately that there is more to products than the look and smell…

Now this is such a tall bottle! I love it! Loud and proud.
Okay let’s move on – What I absolutely love about this lotion is that it absorbs so quickly into your skin. I am not a creamy, powered type of person. Don’t get me wrong. I love to have these products, and oh boy do I own a couple. The problem though, I’m not a morning person. Thus I need a quick-fix. After my shower I have to force myself to get dressed and NOT to get back into bed. So waiting for lotions and powders and oils – not my thing. Weekend, that’s a totally different story.
Okay, Im getting off topic…
I have to put away my quick absorbing body butters ect. and had to swap it for a Dove lotion. Like I said, it absorbs quickly and has a lasting smell that I cannot put my finger on but it smells so alluring. It’s not over powering at all and I feel fresh and moisturised. Winter is so much more work. As you can see on the bottle, It’s for extra dry skin, and extra moisturising.

These two products had me sniffing and rubbing the whole week. I love it and I’m sure it will become part of the “go-to” products that I keep in the cupboard.

 Love ya

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