Fabulous Friday – 11/07/2014

13 July 2014
Okay so I know it’s a bit late but, this has been such a hectic weekend. Office party on Friday, Date day with the Hubby on Saturday. So today I’m writing posts like there is no tomorrow.

I have been battling this week with a migraine and putting on make-up has been torture. Such a sad occurrence. But I have found a magic wand!

This liquid eyeliner has a very fine and soft tip. It glides on the eyelid and is very pigmented. It can create a very fine line but you can also create a thicker line for more dramatic effect. The fine end makes it easy to use, even for beginners.

The first time I ever used liquid eyeliner I looked like a meth junky. I swore to myself I will never use it again because I could not get it right. The lines were uneven and smudgy not to mention more product ended up in my eyes, the closer I got to the lash line. I’m not sure if this was hilarious to watch or painful but for years I stayed clear of any liquid eyeliner.
Then I discovered Stila’s eyeliner. I eyed it for quite some time, thinking of those early memories of liquid liner fiascoes. I eyed it from afar (it looked so glamorous and held so much promise) until one brave one day. From the first attempt it looked like I was a professional. Like I was trained to do this. I even felt confident enough to attempt a cat eye liner – this is a story for another day.
Needless to say this is the only make-up I wore most of the week with a bit of mascara and lipgloss.
Do you have any painful memories that you are still trying to forget? Leave a comment and tell us about it.
Love ya

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