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22 July 2014
If this was a story it would be a horror with a happy ending. Now let’s start at the beginning. Once upon a time there was a lady with the straightest hair you can imagine. She longed for luscious locks. So she took matters in her own hands and permed her hair. Eeeek!! That is where her current problem started. I am currently between a rock and a hard place. I am considering cutting out what is left of the perm but I cannot convince myself to cut my hair that short. So I went looking for some argan oil to treat the damaged and dried hair. Deep down I know only cutting it will make it look better but yet here I am trying to fix what is beyond repair.
Im getting off track again….

So I went to the shops looking for argan oil. As you have to pass Edgars to get to Clicks I got side tracked into Edgars and found myself as the Gosh counter. It took a lot of convincing that I did not need to take anything, I’m actually looking for Argan oil and not more make-up. So as I was about to leave after eventually getting out of that awestruck trance the sales assistant ask me if I’m looking for something specific. She could see I would be an easy catch so she told me about their current special We all know them. Spend x amount to qualify for a goody bag. As the goody bag contained Argan oil, I did not need any convincing at all!

Argan oil.

This oil is light and non-greasy. Like they say : “A little goes a long way”. You honestly do not need much. It is enriched with Omega 3 and Omega 9 and helps to moisturise your hair, make it feel soft and leaves a nice healthy shine to it.

Lift off the day make-up remover.

This is a cream type of make-up remover that is perfume free. It is suitable for people with sensitive eyes. When it comes to waterproof mascara I do find that you need to work it a bit. I find that it does not dry out the areas under my eyes like other make-up removers sometimes tend to do.

Light and shine lip glaze.

Now I feel this is the show stopper of the whole goody bag. This is true red and I love the way it does not dry out your lips. I almost want to say it has got the feeling of a gloss at the beginning but settles into a matte lipstick later. The best feature is the light and mirror. When you take out the wand applicator it has a little light in the cap and a mirror on the one side. Now you can re-apply any time of the day or night. 

Amazing length ‘n build mascara in Black.

This mascara contains Panthenol and plant wax which helps for flexible but strong lashes. It makes my lashes look fuller and is quite intensely black. It also promises to make it look longer.

The ultimate Eyeliner with a twist in  black.

This is a very nice kohl eyeliner. I have only used it once or twice so I can not give an educated opinion yet, but from what i have used it so far it isn’t half bad. I will keep you guys updated.

Then you got a super cool bag with it. Its nice to put your towel and some sunscreen in for when you go to the beach.  Easy to clean and nice to look at.

Have you ever got a great deal? Leave a comment and tell me about it.

Love ya all

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