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July Rubybox unboxing

30 July 2014

This month my Rubybox came on “one of those days”. It was an awefull day filled with problems and negative people. So my Rubybox were the silver lining around a very dark cloudy day. It lifted my spirit and I treasured every moment going through my box.

Incanto Bloom by Salvatore Ferragamo

If  you ever want to feel like a real lady – like the ones who live in old castles, wearing white summer dresses with those wide brim sun hats then this is the perfume for you. Its got a clean, natural smell when you spray it on with a lingering fruity smell. I cannot decide if it is fruity or flowery but I definitely feel lady-like when wearing this. This perfume makes me think of spring time and all the freshly blossomed trees . I will have to admit the the name of the perfume is very suited to the fragrance. A double thumbs up from me (not very lady like). In fact if I more thumbs ill give those as well 🙂

Woolworths Longlasting Lips

This is definitely the item the excites me the most from the box. This just adds to that lady like feeling. Imagine this beautiful lady in a stunning white summer dress with bold red lips. That my friends is timeless beauty. Okay back to reality. Cause of my fair skin I can never go too wrong with any red “lippies”. I absolutely adore the formula, its so creamy and glides onto the lips. It smells so nice and is very opaque. I would love to try out the rest of the colours in this range just because of the formula!

Lanolin Agg Tval

This is a Swedish facial care product. They have been combining their own ingredients to created facial masks for generations. It can contain egg whites, Rose water, glycerin ect. This specific bar of soap contains Lanoline (type of wax) and rose water. Unfortunately I am not a big fan of soap bars because of the fact that I have a very very very dry skin. I did however test this bar. I did find my skin a bit drier afterwards and I will still be sticking with my Placecol face wash. The bar does however smell very nice and I will probably use it to wash my hands.

Foot File

This is an essential in every women’s collection. I do however find that I need it more in the summer time when I am wear open shoes. In the winter time I live in my pumps and boots. Night time I sleep with socks on, so the end result is that there is limited exposure to the cold climate.
I think I will be using this more often in the summer along with my wide collection of other feet tools. 

I can not wait for next month’s Ruby box.

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Love ya all

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