Organised Lippies

30 July 2014

If you are anything like me then there is more make-up through-out the house than on your vanity table. I have nail polish on the coffee table next to the couch. There is lip balm in just about every room of the house. If I forgot to put lipstick on after brushing my teeth in the morning before running out the door, I’m sure I have at least three colours to choose from out of my handbag.

Recently my husband threatened to either start wearing my lippies he finds laying around or throw them away. Now I’m not quite sure which is worse. Me having to share my beautiful lippies (never mind the fact that a man is wearing lipstick??? My man) or loosing them. So I decided to make a plan.

I found a wonderful local company and got myself organised.

These organisers are made from thick acrylic and is see through. It looks and feel like it is very durable. I like the depth of the holder as it is not too deep nor is it not deep enough so that the lippies fall around. (I hear the echo of Goldie locks in that sentence.) The pricing is not bad at all. They retail for R99.

I have already filled both trays with very little space to spare. Soon I will have to order some more.

Now I do not need to share my lippies or find they have been sent to the “sin bin”.

How do you store your make-up goodies? Let me know by leaving a comment below or e-mail me a picture of your vanity table.

Love ya

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