Pretty in Pink

7 July 2014
Okay, so payday came and I found myself wondering the isles of Clicks. As always looking, smelling, lost in my own world. After what felt like an eternity and all “swatched up” I end up at the tills. I put my items down just to realise that all of it is pink. To further the pink theme. My best friend celebrated her birthday this month and when looking for a present for her I ended up buying more pink stuff. It honestly was not planned, it just happened. Clearly this was a girly  month.

Pretty by Elizabeth Arden

This has such a flowery and fresh smell. It makes me feel young and alive. I do think it’s more of a summer perfume than a winter perfume but I had to feature it as it fits so well with the theme. My mom and dad came to visit end of May and the amazing woman that my mother is, she brought me a new bottle as she knows I love this scent.
I will have to admit that I am a bit of a fragrance addict – I’m not sure if it is because I get bored with a fragrance quickly or if it is that feeling of rekindling with an old favourite, but it makes no difference – I like to smell nice.
Watch this space as I will be doing a fragrance of the month post on this perfume.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear

I saw this on some Beauty Guru’s youtube channel in her morning face routine and I remember thinking that I keep seeing this in the stores but to be honest I have never deviated from my Placecol – I firmly believe in that product – but I did want to give this product a try. I picked up the facial wash and the daily scrub
The smell is fresh and clean and I love the colour. I only used it once before writing this, so I cannot really say if I’ll make a switch. But I did love the gel texture of the wash and the very fine granules (almost sand-like) of the scrub. I have to admit that I was not brave enough to get too close to the eye area.
Both these two products help fight against blackheads and contains Micro Technology. It purifies the skin without over drying it. The scrub contains micro-beads that help to unclog the pores.
I will give this a try and revert back.

King & queens
This was meant for a friend for her birthday.
The body butter smelt so nice and the candle is luxurious. In the end I had to buy two of each.
Besides the big range of different scents they have, each item has a little story on how the scent was used by Kings & Queens in celebrations and so forth. I recon this is a very clever move by the creators. It plays on the buyer’s subconscious. Not only is the combination of scents strange but the packaging is also very medieval. I had to stop myself from not buying one of each item.
I have only seen this at Edgars sofar.

Essie & Rimmel

Only when I got home did I realised that these colours are very similar. The Essie is slightly more pink and matte and the Rimmel is slightly more shimmery. I went for a manicure recently and the lady used a similar colour with very fine glitter over that. It looked so girly and I would very much like to recreate that look. When I do I will post pictures. 

Vitamin E Serum
This stuff is amazing!!!
I had the ugliest dry patches underneath my eyes and only after three uses of this serum they disappeared. It’s a winter treasure for these cold months. I have normal (with some texture due to acne in those awkward teenage years) to dry skin. So come winter, I cling to anything that has got the word moisturise, refresh, replenish, restore revitalise – the list can go on! What you do is you take a few drops in your hands and warm it up. Then with a patting motion you apply it to the face. I can appreciate how this comes across as an oil but it has a non-greasy formula. Brilliant!  You leave it on during the night and soon you will have skin as soft as a babies “touchie”

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick
Because I have such a pale skin I always have to test the colour of lipstick I buy. It might also be the fact that I am fussy when it comes to lipstick. My lips are extremely dry and the wrong type of lipstick can just make that problem a whole lost worst very quickly.
Now let’s get back to the stunning lipstick. This formula is amazing. It applies smoothly like a gloss but finish with a matte look. It feels like a second skin and is really long lasting. It is Enriched with evanescent oils. The only problem for me is that the colour range is so small. I can only pull off one or two colours from that range. Otherwise this gets a big thumbs up from me.

Clinique Cheek Pop – Berry Pop
This pattern is almost too beautiful to start using. I have always been a MAC Dainty girl, but seeing that my usual blush will be finished soon I thought of switching it up and trying something new. I swatched this in store and would have liked to go for the ginger pop but hearing the same words after hitting five shops – “Sorry, it’s sold out”- I thought of getting the next best colour. This is so natural and a little goes a long way on my fair skin. This make me feel like a real girly girl.

What is your favorite pink items or what brings the “inner girl” out in you?

Love ya all

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