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Rubybox Unboxing June 2014

2 July 2014

So a Rubybox is a small black box that comes to surprise you every month. It almost has that magical anticipation you get when it gets closer to Christmas. When you secretly count down the days and hope that your “subtle” hits did not fall on deaf ears. The only thing that makes the Rubybox better than Christmas is that you do not have to wait a whole YEAR. 

It is a monthly subscription box. When you subscribe now until before the end of July, it is on a special going at only R0.99 on you first box. There after it is R169 per month. What I really like about the box is that most products is sample size. This is mostly just enough to establish if your skin or hair is giving it the thumbs up or thumbs down. The other awesome feature is the card that comes with the box. This explains the products you received and list the prices.

Let’s crack this box open!

Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser
What I really like about this product is that you can apply this in the shower. Which is
“too cleva” because that coldness that wraps its claws around you the moment you open the shower door is terrifying during this time of the year. Unfortunately these claws bring bigger problems than the cold. I find that this product does not moisturise my skin enough to skip any lotion or body butter. I would rather face the chilly claws and know that that
“snakey skin” is not in my near future. I love the idea of the product but for a little bit more moola I would much rather opt for a Dove product that moisturise and clean at the same time. You get the best of both worlds. A lady gave me a tip and said that she use this just before she gets out the shower and just dab herself dry. That way more product stays on longer.
This is available from most department stores @ R40 for 400ml

Tip top Cuticle Treatment
This is the full size product. Yes, sometimes you get lucky and a full size product gets thrown in the mix. Usually this means it must be good. I have not tried this particular treatment but I am in desperate need of cuticle care. I will try this out and report back to you.
I think Tip Top you can find at most Clicks stores @ R75.99

Smooch Stick
Rubybox has created their own beauty line. Unfortunately this is the only colour in the smooch stick this far. It is definitely not the worst but it is also not my favourite colour. All over youtube orange / coral is now highly cool – like the new nude – but with my skin tone it’s going to take a lot to pull that colour off. I have to admit that the consistency is amazing and the pigment is awesome. Well done to Rubybox. Blending this with a good gloss can make a winning team.
Oh by the way – The colour is Tangerine Tango (loving the name)
You can buy this online at the Rubybox store @ R129.95

Beaucience Botanaicals Nourishing Conditioner
This is a Proudly South African product and the company try to use natural formulations and organic ingredients. They seem to be very focused on going green. It seems to me that leaving the conditioner in longer might transform it in some sort of hair mask. It might also just be wishful thinking as my hair is extremely damaged at the moment. I have not tried this product out yet but I am very keen to try it out SOON.
I’m not 100% sure where you can get hold of this product, the website only says certain salons and spa’s. To visit their website, click here
The price for R220ml is R64.95

Now I’m off to go and treat my hair.

Love ya!

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