Fabulous Friday – 01/08/2014

1 August 2014

When our Heavenly Father was busy giving out long lashes I was obviously not in the queue. I was probably still waiting in the queue for luscious curls, only those ran out before it was my turn. Now I do not have one of the two. I have short eye lashes (and extremely straight hair)

Yes, This baby has won the auditions for the fabulous Friday post this week.

Now just a few weeks ago when a lady from Gosh wanted to sell their mascara to me, I told her that is is going to take a lot of convincing for me to leave my Clinique mascara. Not only am I enjoying the Gosh mascara I got in my lucky packet but I actually bought another brand on my own. And it’s not just lying around in the house, I’m actually loving it a lot!

Just shows you how far I have come. I feel like that t-shirt that shows the evolution of man kind. LOL!!!

Now let’s start with the packaging. I love the purple / pink and black, and the chrome gives it that young, classy edge. I appreciate that when it’s properly closed it makes a click sound. Knowing your mascara will not dry out quicker than what it normally does. Moving on to performance… The way the wand can bend is just a genius move from the brand. It makes it just that much easier to get into those inner corners without  getting black all over my eye. When I apply more than one coat it does not clump up. And with enough layers I can get just the tiniest amount of extra length and definitely more volume.

For this type of change I will gladly leave my Clinique for the weekends or when it’s a “Plain Jane” day. Va-va Voom lashes here we come.

If you have tried the L’Oreal Miss Manga leave a comment below and let me know if you love it or hate it.

Love ya

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