July Faves 2014

4 August 2014
I cannot believe that July has already come and gone. One good thing that has happened is that after the 22nd July every morning the sun comes up a few seconds earlier and goes to bed a few seconds later at night. That means only one thing. Summer is on it’s way!!! (doing a happy dance)

This month there is a bit of everything. I have been trying so many new products but settled on only six for this post. Otherwise we can be here until the next month’s Favs.

Dotting tools

If you have ever tried to do nail art with a toothpick you will know that having any sort of nails art tools is a huge help. Fortunately (unfortunately for my finances) there is a nail shop (Planet Nails) across the road from where I work. I honestly feel like one of those kinds in the Wonka Factory (Charlie and the chocolate factory) when I enter the shop. Although it’s small there is so many eye catching gadgets. My standard question is; “Oooo, what does this do.” I love how there is different sizes so that you can easily control the size of the dot you want to create. It’s also very easy to clean and I love the little “diamons” on the side. This was so inexpensive. I think I picked it up for R30 or R40. Looooove it!!!

Argon Oil

Now in my earlier post in my Gosh Lucky Packet I said that I was thinking of cutting my hair to get rid of all the damage from perming it (please do not scold – I long for luscious  locks so so badly). In the end I closed my eyes and asked the lady at the salon to cut as much out as possible but not to let me look like I can join the army. Unfortunately there is a little damage still left there but in a month or two it will be all out. Now, Argon oil is my best friend along with some hair masks. I love how this magic potion makes my hair feel and I use it every other day. Next up I will be looking for a product that can speed up the growth of hair so that I can get my length back. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

You can get this from Edgars @ R89

Vitamin-E Serum

I feel like a gramophone that got stuck. But honestly this stuff is fantastic. I think i have spoken about it in two or three post already (and its coming in another one again). I can honestly not live without this. When ever I feel a dry patch on my face, I do not even turn to a night cream or moisturiser. I simply put this on. This makes me look like one of the glazed pigs that they serves on a huge tray in the medieval times. But it absorbs quite quickly and leave me feeling moisterised the next morning. 

You can get this at any The Body Shop @ R140

Gosh Length ‘n Build

Like I explained in my previous post on this mascara, with all it’s ingredients it’s a very nice mascara to wear everyday. It does not make your under eyes black. It stays all day. Does not clump up. Its really a very nice mascara. Very intensely black. The only thing – It promise fuller and longer lashes. Fuller I can get but longer. Hmmm not so much. But I still like this mascara for an easy everyday look. Its also easy to clean but does not necessary hold a curl all that good. All taken into consideration – this landed in my monthly favorites cause I wore it most of the Monday to Friday work days switching between this and the Miss Manga.

You can get this from Edgars @ R89

Lancome Miracle

I recently got a 5ml sample size of this perfume from a friend. She said the moment she smelled it she thought that this is how I should smell (thank you my friend) I instantly fell inlove with it and the soon empty 5ml bottle was a mere memory. The top notes is Litchi and Freesia (a type of flower). The middle notes are Magnolia, Ginger, Mandarin Orange, Musk and Jasmine. The it settles in the base notes as Amber, Musk and Jasmine. Its a very fresh but feminine smell. I appreciate how the bottle is just very plain as it almost compliments the fragrance. Because the smell is not overrated at all but very elegant.

You can find this at Woolworth or Edgars @ R1250 for a 100ml

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

First of all – can we just take a moment and think about the taste! Who does not like to have a Biiiiiig box of popcorn when you go the the movies? Now you can scrub your lips with that. This small glass tub is only 25grams but it can last you quite some time as you only need to use a little at a time. It contains Jojoba oil, sea salt, Polentia, Coconut Oil, Popping candy 🙂 and then some flavour. There is no preservatives in this scrub and its a Vegan product. It smooths out my lips and make them feel so soft. They say you can lick off the excess but I have not tried that. I have been rinsing the remaining scrub off with luke warm water. Afterward I do like they recommend – add some of your favorite balm – and come morning then I have soft nourished lips. This flavour is a limited edition I see and I really hope they will make this permanent as it is my favourite out of all of the scrubs.

You can get this from Lush or order it online here @ R95

What was your Favourites this July? 

Love ya

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