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Rubybox Unboxing August 2014

18 August 2014

My Rubybox gets delivered to me at my office. And like most women are, we love all thing beauty. When my box gets delivered the ladies in my area of the office bring over their cups of tea while its unboxing time. Everything gets smelled and touched and thoroughly discussed. I love how beauty can bring all kinds of women together. Special times.

Let’s have a look what is inside. 🙂
Africology Body Butter
This product feels rich and you just want to add more and more. It has got a very strong smell but is made of 100% Natural Essential Oils. The butter contains Cocoa butter and shea to both protect and soften while the Canola oil acts to heal and soothe inflammation. I tend to suffer from extreme head aches and sometimes it get so bad that my under eye area gets a bit swollen. Probably a but inflamed. After receiving this and reading up on the product I tried applying it under the eye area. Unfortunately the dark circles still stayed behind but the puffiness was gone within a couple of minutes. I will most certainly be ordering me a full size of this and maybe try some of their other products aswell.

This product retails @R265 for a 75ml on their website. Click here to check out their website.

Rubybox Tools dual sharpener

First off – I love the color. It’s ready for the spring time that is just around the corner. This is a very handy tool to have in your make-up bag. I have one from essence and it is always in my make-up bag when I need it at home or at home when I need it when I am on the run. Now I can have one at home and one in my bag. Thank you Rubybox. What I like more about this one is that the holes where the pencil go in can close. In case some of the product falls out and creates a mess everywhere. 

This retails for R29.95 at Rubybox online store.

Bee Natural Rich Rehydrating Face Balm

This small tub is full of natural goodness. I have used this balm on my lips and what a pleasure. It has a wax texture (which I am not really a fan of) but it is so moisturising and hydrating. It contains beeswax, raw honey, propolis, pollen, retinol, collagen, elasin, Q10, jojoba and avocado oil. The pollen is found in the raw honey and contains lots of vitamins like B12 and E which is good for moisturising and hydrating. It also contains zinc for a healing effect.

You can buy this on the Bee Natural website or the Rubbox online store @ R172.95 – R189

Smooch Stick – Latte Limbo

I love this smooch stick. It’s the perfect “your lips but better” color. The formula is soooo smooth and it is not dry on the lips at all. With my fair skin this is the perfect nude color. I will be carrying this in my bag permanently as it can go with any make-up look. Well done Rubybox!

You can get this from the Rubybox online shop @ R129.92

You can click the link here to sign up. It’s only R169 per month. I think the concept of testing out products before buying a full size is fantastic. It is also nice to get introduced to products I will normally not look at.

Remember Rubybox is turning 3 and having a Glitz & Glamour Party 29/08/2014
Book your tickets here and celebrate with them.

What was your favorite Rubybox product this month? Leave a comment and let me know.

Love ya

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