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6 August 2014
So The Body Shop recently had a sale ( I think it’s still going on until10 Aug) and there was no way I was  left behind. The only thing I do not like about their sale is my budget. Wish I could do a “Reggie Run”. Remember long ago there was this thing on I think K-tv where a kid was chosen and s/he had one minute to grab as many toys as s/he could and could keep it all. Now I need something like that. But I have settled on the products below. Some are new and some are repurchases and then some are just “stocking up”. 

Passion fruit Shower gel

I am currently still using the Dove shower gel, and I think I will be using that for a while. Well until my skin decide that it got enough attention and stop it’s panic wobble. But this smelled so nice. I purely picked it up cause of the refreshing smell (and the good discount). I’m interested to see the “soap free” happening in action. It also promise to help soften your skin. And if you have been reading my last couple of post, I’m all about softening and moisturising. I cannot wait to try this and give you some feedback.

Mango sugar body scrub

This is a re-purchase and I will buy this everytime I get close to empty. I love the texture of this scrub. At first its grainy but after the sugar has melted or dissolved, all the oils gets left behind for your skin to soak up. My skin feels so soft after using this and it really does smell like mango. A very sweet mango. They actually recommend this for very dry skin. The sugar and salt grains exfoliate your skin and the oils assist in repairing you skin’s moisture barrier.

Vitamin E gentle facial cleansing wipes

I am currently on the hunt for a good facial wipe – hence I have a few brands in my cupboard to choose from. I really enjoy using this Vitamin-E range from the Body shop so I decided to pick this up. It has a very fresh scent. It smells more like the serum than the sorbet. I have not used this yet as I’m still testing another brand. But what I have read most people are very happy using these wipes. I am hoping to find a wipe that does not make this flaky dry skin even worse. I have noticed that most people use this for more than just cleaning the first layer of the days make-up. Its a nice size to just throw in your bag and use after gym when you are quickly stopping for bread and milk. I can not wait to start using these as I have high hopes for them.

Vitamin-E overnight serum

This little bottle need no introduction on my blog. A lot of people speak about a holy grail. Well this is my holy grail. I will not necessarily replace my moisturiser with this baby, but if I use it at night I will not use a normal moisturiser as well. This bottle takes care of all my flakiness, especially those dry patches under my eyes. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Even though I look a bit greasy at first, it’s all worth it!

Vitamin-E aqua sorbet

Since I like the serum so much in this range I thought I would give this guy a try as well. A lot of people only had good things to say about this product. If I have to be totally honest – I’m not so sure that I am THAT impressed with it. I’m not saying I do not like it or that it is a bad product. I think after the serum I just expected more. I like that it has a light feeling after applying it. Maybe this will be a better option in the summer months when it is so hot here in South Africa. Right now there is now way I can exchange my Placecol night cream for this. I will definitely use it some more and maybe my opinion will change over time.

What is your favorite  Body Shop Products? Let me know in the comments below.
Remember the sale is on untill 10/08/2014

Love ya

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