Fabulous Friday – 12/09/2014

12 September 2014
At first I adored the Inglot products from afar. They always looked so colorful and fresh and crisp. I thought it is one of the most beautiful cosmetic counters. But, I have to admit that all the colors and products overwhelmed me a bit. This “Plain Jane” thought Inglot to be for the professionals. That said I left it to the people who looked capable to make full use if an amazing palette like this.

Now I am not someone who is scared of using colorful eye shadows, although I tend to stick with the more natural look. So when I bought my first palette I was not scared to go bold or go home.

I instantly fell in love with the color in the middle and built the rest around that color. I feel that this might be a bit heavy for Spring / Summer but I am sure if this is paired correctly together you can create a nice look. I love how sparkly the eye shadow look but does not have glitter. When you use it on the eye it does not really sparkle all that much but has a very subtle shimmer if I can call it that.

The shadows is quite pigmented and blends beautiful. I find them to be long wearing if properly primed. Now let’s move on to the packaging. The dimensions of the sizing is amazing. Its sleek and functional. The glass “cover” just adds to the quality feeling and the magnets makes it easy to either switch the pans or open and close the palette. This concept gets a 10/10 from me. Just a note – When opening the palette, make sure to slide the glass to the side to ensure the ends of the glass cover does not dig into the shadow pans.

The shadows are numbered and does not have names. So here are the numbers from left to right.
46 – 104R – 32 – 338 – 329

I am loving this palette and would like to combine one or two more. Maybe a pinkish one and a natural brownish one.

Have you tried these shadows? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on it.

Love ya

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