Fabulous Friday – 26/09/2014

26 September 2014
This week I went and got another two Labello Lip Butters. I have them everywhere at home but taking them to work provides a problem. Cause I forget them there. So now I have two to take to work and leave them there for good.

I have very dry lips and I have never been a fan of Lip-ice or the balms in the tubes. But after reading about the Dior Rose Lip Balm and people comparing it to the Nivea Lip butters I was very excited to find these in our Clicks. I immediately picked up the Rasberry flavor and soon after that I got the Vanilla & Macadamia flavor.

Cause of my dry lips I need to keep them hydrated otherwise getting them back to normal is a difficult task. I will do a post soon on how I got my chapped lips to normal and smooth lips. The problem with chapped lips is that all balms and lipsticks gather where the dry skin is and this does not make me a happy person. For a very long time I did not wear any lipstick cause of this reason and it just did not look good

These babies has a moisturizing effect and contains hydra IQ, Shea Butter and Almond Oil. The butters just melt onto your lips with a bit of gloss effect but no shine. I love using this when I’m getting ready to go to bed because when I wake up in the morning my lips still feel moisturized.

I think these lip butters are better than sliced bread ????

Let me know what you use to keep your lips looking their best.

Love ya

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