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21 September 2014
It feels like I’m doing a Lush haul every week now. It’s a good thing right? 😉 So last week my in-laws were visiting and we took them out for dinner at the V&A. Now you can not visit the V&A and not pop into Lush. It would be sinful!

I was only going to get a Fizz tank and then standing infront of all the Ballistics I could not only take three. If it wasn’t for my flat pocket moaning in the back of my mind I might have walked out there with three tanks. But I was strong to only take 1 and then some. 🙂

Dragon’s Egg

This smells very fruity and lemony. It contains Popping candy, Lemon Oil, Bergmot Oil, Jasmine and lots more. Spoiler alert!!! It has got golden glitter on the inside and it turns your whole bath orange. Lemon Oil (one of the main ingredients) can be used as an antiseptic, cleansing and fungicidal and is also great for boosting the immune system and fighting infections.

Honey Bee

This is described as a soothing and cleansing soak. Not only does this contains honey but also Moroccan Rhassoul mud for a deep cleanse and soft skin. It also contains Aloe Vera gel, Sweet wild Orange Oil, Bergamot Oil Gerdinia Extract and much more. This is said to be very soothing and also helps eczema.


This is for the tired one who is in need of some relaxation and “unwinding” It contains Lavender and Ylang Ylang oil. Lavender is used as and antiseptic, Antibacterial, deodorising and for relaxation. This is Lushs’s most relaxing bath ballistic and I can not wait to try this. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks and I cannot wait to just let the stress float into the bath and rid my body of it. A bit TMI sorry guys.

Sex Bomb

This bath ballistic contains Jasmine, sage, Ylang Ylang and aphrodisiac oils as well as Soya Milk. The Soya Milk has Vitamine B that act as an antioxidant and and it soothes and condition the skin. Jasmine is used in aromatherapy for sensitive skin, muscular complaints, depression and other stress related conditions. This I had to get aswell. I have been wanting to try this for so long.

This is what I got from Lush and the list is still getting longer by the day. I love all their products I have used sofar and can not wait untill they open in Canal Walk.

Love ya

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