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2 September 2014
I have recently attended a function at the Clock Tower in the V&A Waterfront. And I am sure that you will agree with me that you simply cannot be in the area and not stop at Lush. I actually have a blister to show for my loyalty (damn pretty but uncomfortable shoes)!!. But I will gladly do it again and again if I have to. Lush products just add that luxury feeling to any beauty regimen. 

Roots Hair Treatment

I love how they use the word “THINE” as this describes my hair exactly to the “T”. I have thin and fine hair and they can look so sad if not treated well and styled properly. This product contains Fresh Mint (for a cooling effect and a menthol smell), water, honey (which is self preserving), Peppermint oil, Neroli oil, Sweet orange oil and much more. It is a thick consistency and smell fresh and clean and obviously mintly. It is recommended to use it once every two weeks. 

This retails for R180 per 225g at the Lush store or on the Lush online shop
Lemony Flutter

This is a tub sent straight from Heaven. I suffer from very very dry cuticles and my hand and nails adore this product. I will buy this over and over and over again. When you open the tub you can immediately smell the lemon and know that everything is going to be okay. Lush uses fresh organic lemon infusion in this product and it is their thickest cream in the shop. This cream can work for more than just your cuticles. Those winter elbows will disappear instantly. The lemons is a source of Vitamin C and vitamine B1 & B2 and is also a very good antioxidant. Not only does it hydrate the cuticles leaving them soft but it also helps to remove stains from your nails. Furthermore this tubs is packed with shea butter, beeswas, lanolin and many more awesome products. I will recommend this to anyone who has got dry cuticles or a dry patchy somewhere. This stuff is awesome

Lemony Flutter retails for R105 per 50g tub at the store or online Lush store
Popcorn Lip Scrub

Not only does this smell so nice I kept on wanting to eat it but it also leaves your lips silky smooth. It only contains 7 ingredients; Caster sugar, Organic Jojoba oil, fine sea salt, Polenta, extra virgin coconut oil, popping candy and flavour. The sugar and the salt helps with the exfoliating and the coconut oil and jojoba oil helps withe the nourishing and moisturising. The polenta is packed with minerals and vitamins and the popping candy just adds a pop! This is really something to write home about. I use this twice a week and a little bit goes a long way.

This baby retails for R95 per 25g at their stores or at their Online Lush store

This not only transforms your bath water into a stunning orange colour but it also takes you to a citrus farmland where there is no stress or to-do-lists. I cut my brightside into either pieces of 4 or if really want it to last, I’ll cut it into 6 pieces. It contains three citrus oils; Tangerine oil, Mandarin oil and Bergamot oil. This is my ultimate bubble bar and I usually replace it before I actually use the last piece. The smell is relaxing and uplifting at the same time.

This retails for R54.50 per 200g at the store or their online store
Ickle Baby Bot

I think this might be for kiddies but I could not resist the smell. I had to get it! It contains Lavender oil, Sandalwood oil and Chamomile Blue oil. All these oils your will associate with relaxation. This is actually recommended to parents that battle to get their children to sleep. And I am sure that if it will help kiddies go to bed it will let my mind shut down and provide a night with peaceful sleep. I have not used this before but the smell and the color drew me to do a double take on this product. I will surely let you guys know if this robot took me to “lalla land”  

This robot retails for R32.50 per 65g at their stores or online Lush stores
That is it for my haul but it would like to bring some information about Lush under your attention. All their tubs is made of 100% recycled plastic and if you bring back 5 empty tubs you can choose a fresh mask free of charge.

Let me know what is your favorite Lush product by leaving a comment below.

Love ya

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