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Rubybox Unboxing September 2014

15 September 2014
Rubybox celebrated their third year of success and to thank all their Rubies for their support this month’s box was all full size products. It was such as spoil and I am loving all the products so much this month.
The pink box is so quite and different from their usual box and it adds a certain festivity to the whole unboxing experience. I waited in anticipation for my box after watching the sneak peek on the Rubybox website. On receipt it could feel it was much heavier than usual and I was overly excited to open my box. So was my colleagues (who I am one by one turning into Rubies)

Dove Antiperspirant

This is something I would not typically take from the shop shelf. So it is nice receiving it and having to try it out. The reason I do not really reach for this is that most Dove products smell strongly like the original Dove scent. And do not get me wrong, it’s not a bad scent but to me it feels overpowering. Even after I sprayed perfume, all I can smell is the Dove. But I will say this. After taking a shower at night and getting ready for bed I would continue using this as it is so soothing on my underarm area. Going to sleep I do not mind the smell as it does smell nice and clean and fresh.

Fresh in a flash brush cleaner
This product could not have come at a better time. All, and I mean all of my brushes is in a dire need for cleaning. It is such a tidiest job to do and I always put it off until the last second. Sometimes I’m down to using my fingers to apply some eye shadows or a sponge for foundation. A little TMI, I know but it is the truth. So I am really looking forward to trying this product and will definitely get back to you guys on how this works. 

Botanical Collection Tropical Hand & Nail Cream

This cream was mentioned in my last Rubybox post. I chose this as one of the products at the Rubybox beauty night out. This made it to my basket next to my bed. And one day I will do a whole post on that basket. Its where all those odd creams and lip balms, you know what I’m talking about, all of that goes in there. Now back to the cream. This has such a fruity smell and it really makes me think I’m standing in a tropical place. It does absorb quite quickly like I have said before but it does leave a bit of oiliness behind. This sometimes frustrates me as I’m always in a hurry to be somewhere or to do something. Thus the reason this is in the basket next to my bed. Once the day all over and it time to go off to lala land I very much like to use this as the tropical smell is soothing for me and the extra bit of Vitamine E does my skin wonders. I am very glad for the back-up

Super Seamless Foundation Brush

First of all, this looks and feels like such a luxurious brush. It feels so soft and I love how it feels in my hand. I feel that it will take a lot for any brush to compete with my Real Technics Buffing Brush. And as we are moving away from Winter to Spring my skin is still a bit dry and flaky. I have to agree that this brush helps to not waste a lot of product and it is really soft on the skin, I do find that because of my dry skin it leaves it a bit streaky. I can not wait to try it later in the season and revert back to you as the bristles is so soft.

As a Rubybox special each Rubie received a special bracelet to show your part in the biggest beauty community. Thank you Rubybox 🙂

What did you receive in your Rubybox?
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Love ya 

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