Days of our Lush #1

15 October 2014

I think (and my husband will agree) that I own enough Lush products to open my own store. I am obsessed with their products and so far I have loved and enjoyed each and every product that I have bought. I have never been let down or disappointed. Obviously not all their products will work for me but I have made it my mission to work my way through their store and try as much as I can.

This is a series of posts I want to start to do reviews on the products I have used from Lush before and give my two scents on it. 


This is my current favorite bubble bar!. A Bubble bar is a type of “fragranced soap” bar that you crumble in your bath to create bubbles in your bath and the most amazing smell you will ever experience. I have to admit that I cut my bubble bars in 4 pieces so that I can use them more than once. 

This bubble bar turns your bath water in an amazing bright orange color and the smell makes you feel like you are in an orchard of citrus fruit. It contains Mandarin oil, Tangerine oil and Bergamot Oil. These chemotherapeutic oils can help for an array of things from relieving stress to help with insomnia.

Other than the amazing smell, I love the way the bubble bar make my skin feel. Its not oily like I have used oils in the water but it feel soft. The bar also produces the most amazing bubbles. I usually have to rinse mine away after I have bathed. This does not stain your bath at all.

The bubble bars retails for R54.50 You can buy this in store or on their online store here

Let me know what your favorite Lush product is and what products you would like to read about or try yourself.

Love ya

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