Fabulous Friday – 03/10/014

3 October 2014
Kenzo Flowers…
This perfume holds such a special place in my heart. When we got married almost 4 years ago this was a present from my mom. I only use this on special occasions and when I’m having a bad day. When ever I smell this I think about her and I miss her so much as we live far apart.

I want to say it is a floraly perfume but at the same time it isn’t really. Blackcurrant, Hawthorn, Bulgarian Rose and Mandarin Orange are the top notes. Although they are a lot of fruity top notes, I almost want to say that the white musk and inscents (base notes) are strong in the initial smell. It a very strong and confident smell, maybe that is why it is so uplifting on bad days. 

Photo taken from Fragrantica
The packaging is so beautiful. On each side of a box is a stage while the flower is starting to bloom. I kept my bottle in the box until recently – my cupboard is exploding with tubes, bottles and other tubs, so obviously pretty packing was last on the “lets keep this” list.

The best thing, other than it reminding me of my mom, is that I can smell this the whole day. I love how even when I get home after work my husband still says “hmm, you smell nice”.

Once this bottle is finished, which might take another year or so I will definitely repurchase this perfume. I do not think it really has an age group that it can be associated with but rather a certain type of personality.  

Love love love this and I have really been missing my mom this week. I sniffed it a couple of times thinking about her. Is it just me that is this weird or does a certain perfume make you think of someone as well. Let my know below.

Love ya

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