Fabulous Friday – 10/10/2014

10 October 2014
This has really been a stressful year and apparently stress is one of the reasons for Eczema to flair up. So guess what, I found out that I have eczema.  I have been scratching like a mad woman since early this year and actually had to seek professional help by going to a dermatologist. She prescribed these babies.

I cannot thank her enough! My financial manager on the other hand is a it skeptical. Although these products are quite expensive (R257 per bottle at Ckicks) they really really really do help a lot. 

The showergel does not lather up as much as what normal ones does. And it does not smell anything like my old showergel types did, but it takes the dryness and the itch away. Because it does not lather up as other soaps does (it is not soap based) it does not strip the skin of all its oils. I know paying R257 is a bit steep, but I have been using my bottle now for almost 2 months and its only halfway. If you suffer from extreme dry skin then I would highly recommend this!

I am on my second bottle of cream and I am considering using this only once a day in the mornings and then a normal lotion at night. It is a bit expensive as the first bottle only lasted 5 to 6 weeks. This does not smell like anything and it saved my legs. I literally scratched at my legs until they started bleeding. The itch was something I can not explain to anyone. Recently I have added a bit of Tea Tree oil to this cream, just for a bit of extra help.

If you are suffering from Eczema please let me know what products you are using and how you are keeping it at bay.

Love ya

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