Project 10 Pan

8 October 2014
This is the products that I have chosen for my project 10 pan. Project 10 pan is when you go on a beauty buying strike until either hitting pan or finishing a certain amount of products. My friend from The Beauty Section invited all her readers to join her. Check out her blog and her project here

My aim is to finish all of the above mentioned products before I can purchase anymore products. There is an exception to this rule that if you run out of a product that you have no back up or similar product you may replace it.

Let’s go through my list.

The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub

Hmmm, I always have to smell this before I start talking about it. I like to use this every now and again when I spoil myself with a bath (other times I just take a shower) LOL! When you rinse this off it leaves a nice oil behind making my skin feel moisturised.
Stimugenating Mask

I’m not sure where I got this but I am glad I have it. (I know it sounds weird) To come to thing of it I think I got it in a combo pack. This is said to alleviate signs of premature skin ageing. I honestly do not use it alot but I guess I will have to finish it before I can buy anoter cool face mask.
Estee Lauder – Double Wear 

You can see I have been using this alot. It is very old and almost finished. This was my favorite foundation to use at a time (long time ago) and then something new and shine and cool came along and this fella landed up in the back of my make-up organizer.
DKNY – Pure

I got this about two years ago and I am saving this for special occasions. Although this is typical a more winter of evening scent I like to use it as a pick me up smell. This will be a bitter sweet moment when I finish it but then I can get a new full bottle. YAY! 
Avroy Shlain Nucella Gentle Freshener

So this is actually a toner but since I was a young girl my mom had a bottle of this in her cupboard and use to give it to me to take of the little bit of make-up I was allowed to wear. So when I earned my first salary I bought this still believing it to be make-up remover. I have since then bought lots and lots of different “real” make-up removers. So this actually got shoved to the back of the cupboard. Now I can not wait to get this finished so that I can move on.
Labello Lip Bitter in Rasberry Rose

I can go through 10 of these “easy peasy” Loving this!
Belle Eye Liner

Hmmmm Im not sure if I like this or not. I think you have to be in the mood to rock this color. Maybe I have just been wearing nudes for too long as I use to love this pencil???
Clinique High Impact Mascara

When I look at this mascara I really want to laugh at myself. A lady at a cosmetic stand once wanted me to try one of their mascaras and I said: No thank you, I’m not really interested as all I’m using is a clinique mascara.” Does that not sound like such a brat. And now I have like 5 different mascaras that I’m using at any given time. 
Revlon Moisture Lipstick in Revlon Red

There is nothing like a good red lipstick and to me this is where it all started but I have collected so many other reds that this one needs to go. Sad to say good bye but there is always space for another red lippie.
Avon True Colour in Berry Fusion

I use to love this so much and now I forgot I have this in my make-up collection. Im really not fond of the packaging as it just takes up so much space. I think that is the main reason I would like to use this product as soon as possible. Or cheat and and put it in a Z-palette. 

Feel free to join me in the project 10 pan. Leave your details below and I’ll come and check your list out.

Love ya

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