13 October 2014
Since I have started the Project 10 pan I am not allowed to but new products (unless I do not have the same type already or need to replace an item)

I thought I’d still go for a shopping spree – in my current collection

Why don’t I tell you what I rediscovered.

Revlon Fire & Ice Perfumed Body Spray

As a student I use to use this and I loved it. It has a floraly smell with hints of sandlewood and musk. Usually I am a perfume kind of girl but every now and again I just want to use something for when I came out of the bath or I just want to smell nice but I’m not going anywhere. That is when I like to use a body spray. 

Victoria Jackson Lip Balm

I think I got this from a friend, who got it from another friend who works at a Woolworhs store. When I phoned there they are not selling this brand so to be quite honest I am not sure where to get this but I am very glad that I found this again. This smells awesomely beautiful and it feels soothing on the lips. ‘Im sure you can build this up to be more opaque, but as its just a linted lip balm I find it easy to wear over weekends or with a jean and t-shirt and minimal make-up.


This is one of my favorite pieces of jewellery.  It is yellow gold with white gold on the ends and crystals in he middle. i can wear this in the winter and in the summer and it is such a beautiful design.

WOW Pigment

As you can see this is a messy business but it is such a beautiful pigment on my eyes. I love wearing this with a neutral brown eye and a bold red lip. I use the get this at the pharmacy group my mom worked for but I do not think they stock this brand anymore and I’m not sure where else to get this. I’m very glad that I have a back up cause I loved this. 

Gosh Lipstick in Nougat

I bought this earlier this year and I use to wear it everyday. It has such a smooth texture and the color is stunning. It goes well with most make-up looks and leave my lips still feeling moist. This just goes to show how quickly products, does not matter how amazing they are, get shoved to the back to make way for new and shiny ones. So glad I found this (again)

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Mousse

I have had this for years. Sadly I have always looked for something with a lot of coverage as I have always had a bad skin. This is a light to medium coverage. And since my skin is looking a lot better this is the most amazing this I have rediscovered. This foundation goes on so easy, I use my fingers, it feels like putting on cream. This is perfect for the coming summer time I go to the mall over a weekend. Best discovery!!!

Nagrand Lipstick

This lipstick is extremely opaque and has a satin finish. The smaller end at the other end is a very thoughtful idea but I would have loved it more if it was a shade or two maybe darker. I am not sure why I never really used this as it a fantastic lippie. ??? Once again this is one of those products that I have no idea where it came from and how it landed in my collection.

What discoveries did you make recently in your own collection? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Love ya

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