September Faves

1 October 2014
I can not believe that we are at the end of September. Where has this month, no wait, this year gone! I had some nice (and some dirty) favorites this month. I am really trying hard to get into a proper skincare routine and nail routine and hair routine. There is so much that women need to take care off to look good and well presented. 

These were the products I reached for the most this month.

Smashbox Limitless 15 hour Wear Cream Shadow in Quartz

This slept in my “travel to the office” make-up bag the whole month. I love using this as a base on my eyelid. Using my finger to apply it might look weird but it is most definitely the easiest. It does not win the award for the best smelling product but when it comes to doing the job, it gets a huge thumbs up from me. 

Lemony Flutter

This not only made it to “the basket next to my bed”, but it also made it into my daily skincare routine. This stuff is amzeballs!!! It really smells lemony and fresh. It is not just my cuticles that is taken care with this product, but every now and again I will pop it onto my heels as well for some extra moisture as it has a nice and thickish consistency. Works wonders. I will most definitely repurchase this time and again.


These three brushes are my favorites. The one on the left is an excellent blending brush. The middle one I use in my crease and then the one on the right I use to pack eye shadow on the lid. These three brushes also made it into my “travel to the office” but instead of just sleeping there it actually live in my make-up bag. The two on the left is from Edgars and the one on the right is from Woolworths.

Reese’s Pieces

Think smarties but instead of chocolate it’s filled with peanut butter. Hmmmm! Its a bit pricey, but this is one of my all time faves. 

Hugo Boss – Femme

This is a very sad sight. If you look closely you will see that this bottle is very close to being finished. I have used this so many times during this month as it is so suitable for Spring time. Its very fruity and floraly. Its top notes is Black Currentl, Freesia and Tangerine. When the bottle is full the color is a very pale light pink and it is sooooo beautiful.

Witch Hazel & Rose Water

Every toner that I have used in the past has left my skin feeling very dry. I bought this by accident and a couple of weeks later I read somewhere that you can use this as a toner and since then I have used this every time I clean my face. It not only smells sweet and fantastic but it is also very gentle on the skin. 

What has been your favorite products this month? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Love ya

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