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September Haul Part 2

22 October 2014
So this month there was so many items that I had to get, that I had to split the haul in two parts. I have included some of my hubby’s items as well. I’m so proud of him that he has got a full two bottles in the shower. If it was him making the decisions he would have only had one bottle. One for shampoo, face wash, body wash all in one. Let’s see what is left for this haul.

Essence Brushes

I got the smokey eyes brush and the shadow brush and I really love them. They are made of synthetic bristles so it makes applying eye shadows easier. Both these brushes blend very well and they are very soft to the touch. I recommend this to any one who is starting to experiment with make-up

Essie – Mint candy Apple

I have picked up this polish multiple times just to put it down thinking I have a similar color at home. Until last month! I thought let me take it and if it is the same color I can always use it in a give away of some kind. But guess what, it is like nothing I have in my collection. I love how it look blueish but on my nails I can not decide if it is blue or green. I apply two coats and then a top coat. Love love love this!

Milk_Shake Argan Deep Treatment

I am very excited to try this treatment. I got this because I would give my left leg for pretty curly hair. So I took matters in my own hands last year and permed my hair. Say WHAT? Yes, I did, and then I did not like it anymore so I cut my hair short. Now I’m all about getting my hair healthy. I will try this and revert back to you guys.

Milk_Shake Daily Frequent Shampoo and Conditioner

This is part two of the “healthy hair matter”. I wanted to take the argan Shamoo and Conditioner but the sales lady said that it’s not going to work with the above mentioned treatment for my type of hair and she recommended these two. I have only recently started using this and I can not revert back yet. It smells awesome though.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

I saw this all over Youtube and then I saw it in Clicks. It stopped me right in my tracks and I just had to try it. I have used this now a couple of times and still confuses me. It is really just what it says – H2O –  Now the confusing part is how well it removes my make-up, even mascara. I love this stuff. Is it only me that get satisfied seeing the day’s make-up on that cotton pad? I usually use a face wipe to get the most make-up off and then take a bit of this to get the last bit off before I start with my face cleanser. It is amazing how much make-up still comes off after the face wipe! This is available at Clicks for R180

Dove Men Body & Face wash and Head & Shoulders 2 in 1

Like I said in the intro if I can come home with a all-in-one product I will be my hubby’s hero. I got 4 products in 2 bottles. I’m getting there. The hubby is clearly not into my blogging but he did say that the scent is very nice of the body wash and that it’ll be cool if I keep repurchasing this for him once it’s done. The shampoo – well in the almost 10 years I know my husband I do not think he has ever used another shampoo. He loves this normal 2-in-1!!! 

What was the items you went out to get and trying out this month? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Love ya

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