October Faves 2014

5 November 2014

Where has this year gone? Luckily everyday that pass form now on is a day closer to Christmas. I’m really looking forward to the holiday as my family is coming down to visit us and we will be spending our time in Simons Town.

This month really has been such a busy month that I have to admit my skincare routine drew the shortest straw and make-up was not really important. So the faves was a bit hard to choose this month.

Gosh Eye Primer

I got this on a sale and paid something next to nothing for this tube. It really does feel like velvet and works like a dream. The powder eye shadows go nowhere during the day but cream shadows hmmmm can you say fail! I love to use this when applying powder eye shadow and a little bit goes a long way.

MAC Twig Lipstick

This is such a nice color and it is easy to tone it down or build it up to a strong color. It has a satin finish but looks a bit matte, not drying at all. Love to put a bit of the Labello Lip butter over just for that comfort on the lips. Not much to say about this lovely lady. Its a stunning color and I love the way it feels on my lips. I think that MAC lipsticks is worth the splurge.

MAC Mineralise powder

Finally I found the perfect brush to apply this powder without looking cakey. Currently I am using this to set my foundation, and I never use to like it cause I used the wrong brush and it looked awefull on me, but with the right tools you can conquer the world. I use this now everyday and sometimes even twice a day. Just to keep that shine at bay.

Gosh Velvet Touch eyeliner in Funky Violet

When taking photos I dropped this pencil while it was open on the tip and it got damaged. I was a little bit angry with myself. This eyeliner is very creamy and pigmented. I like to use this on my top lash line and then smoke it out. Purple is a stunning color to make brown eyes pop. Only thing I do not like is that you have to sharpen these pencils. You loose some of the product by doing this.

Sorbet Nourish Nail Polish Remover

This is such a nice product. The push down top makes it so easy to use and hassle free. It looks like the bottle the professionals use. I appreciate the fact that it does not make my nails feel dry and man-handled like other nail polish removers does. Its gentle on the nails and work like a dream

Maxalt RPD 10

I know this is weird item to have as a monthly favorite but as someone who suffers from terrible headaches this helped alot! Its a pill you put underneath you tongue and it taste like a mint that fizz. Within 30 minutes my headache would have lifted and I can see out of my eyes again. I would recommend you consult your doctor first, but if you are a person who suffers from terrible headached like me, this will safe your life!

Teasing Comb

This is one of those items that just show up in your cupboard. If I can remember correctly, my mom gave me this a gazillion years ago. And only now that I have short hair I really need it. This month, like I have mentioned in the intro, has been really very busy and there where days that I went onto third day hair and needed some “lift-me-up”. So Dry Shampoo and this comb was the combo that got me through the day. It works fantastic with the teeth (not sure what you call it) that is so close it each other. It can create some awesome volume. Love this!

Patterned Holder

I got one of these holders from Clicks a while ago for my brushes. I then went back to get another in order to split them. One for my eye brushes and one for my fave brushes. Then This month I went back and got another two. They look very elegant is and just the right size to hold lots but not be in the way.

What was your faves this month? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

love ya

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