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Yet Another Lush Haul

12 November 2014
I do think I have a slight obsession. But no help is needed thank you. To give my obsession a bit of fuel Lush has opened a store at Canal Walk. This is a lot closer than the V&A store. Problem is, I cannot visit Canal Walk and not stop at Lush. Then the second problem is I can not enter Lush and come out with nothing! This is a bit concerning to my “financial adviser” LOL

I went to congratulate the new store on their opening and I walked out with not just one or two products but a whole bag full!!! Let me walk you through my items. 

D’Fluff strawberry shaving Soap

This is tub full of pink goodness! First off when you open the tub you expect a strawberry smell. Do not hold your breath cause for some reason I can not smell strawberry at all but it does have a unique pleasant smell. This does not foam up when applied but rather spread like a cream. It does not clog up your razor which is a big plus on my side. I will definitely repurchase this!


This product is true to it’s name. When you look at it and smell it, it truly seems bland. But the magic happens when you apply it to your face. It melts all the make-up away and leaves the skin feeling soft. I have really looked forward to getting this and it has been on my wishing list for quite some time.

Honey I washed the Kids

This soap spent some time next to my bed just so that I can smell it every now and again. Did I just admit to this? 🙂  It smells absolutely stunning. I heard this is very good for dry skin and I’m excited to see how this will act with my eczema. I’m also thinking maybe the hubby can use this as it is very moisturizing but unfortunately this is not part of the two bottle move that is going on currently. LOL 🙂

The Comforter

This bubble bar smells really fruity, with hints of blackcurrant and I want to say berry juice. It leaves the whole bathroom and the rest of the house area smells amazing. It leaves my skin feeling soft and my muscles relaxed. Like most of my bubble bars I cut this baby in 4 pieces to get as many baths as possible. This is the first time I used this bar and it shot straight to my favorite list.


I think this features in all my Lush hauls. I love the citrus smell and it is a perfect “pick me up” I always have one of these bubble bars around. I even like to use this as a present for some friends. This is a very fun and relaxing bubble bar. It turns the bath water a bright orange and smells like a citrus forest with lots and lots of foam bubbles. This is something I pick up almost everytime I visit Lush


This made the bath water yellowish but if you can look past that it really does provide you with an awesome bath time experience. To me this smelled (yes smelled, I tried this one as soon as I got home) very earthy with a hint of lemon. This bath ballistic is “moisturising in action”. It contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil for moistorising, Lemongrass oil – I think this might be what turned the water yellow. But lemongrass Oil not only make the Avoath smell awesome but it also lifts up your mood. Bergamot Oil also assist in the uplifting of mood and it is known for it’s relaxing properties. Lastly is contains Rosewood Oil, this is the ingredient that provides that earthy smell. This is not one of those “have to have” ones but it’s nice to change it up every now and again

Phoenix Rising

This is the purple ballistic in the picture. Apparently there is a surprise waiting inside (I think there is some green glitter). This smells a bit spicy but is filled with lots of ingredients to make your skin feel soft and taken care off. I can not wait to try this baby!


This is described as “a celebration of spring”. It has colorful crystals on the top as you can see in the photo. I presume that there is some more colorful bits on the inside as they are kind off peeking through.It contains sea salt for gentle exfoliation and Jasmine for stress relieve and relaxation. Im looking forward using this stunning ballistic.

Do you love Lush just as much as I do? Let me know what is your favourite Lush product.

Love ya

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