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December Haul

29 December 2014
Im getting excited just looking at this photo! Most of these items I will be gifting to someone but I have to admit that most of these items were bought double: “one for them and one for me” oops 🙂 Its hard getting presents for other people cause how can  you not like what I like. It does not make sense to me (it does, I’m not that slefish) but still this is awesome goodies!!!


Stilla in the palette. There is 10 eye shadows in the palette and the first 7 is absolutely stunning. I still need some training on the last three in order to not look like some punched me in the eye, but I am sure I will get there. The pigmentation is off the charts and the shadows are so creamy and buttery. Its easy to blend and easy to wear. I really love using it and I am still in the process of creating looks with it.

Avon True Color. The one duo is called Retro Glamour and the other is called Berry Fusion. This is convenient for an everyday look. The person I am got in mind here has got brown eyes and purple is awesome to make those brown eyes pop! 

Wet & Wild – Walking on eggshells. This is a well known and well loved trio. It’s just a easy slap on and go eyeshadow. It’s indentations is convenient for beginners to tell you where what color must go and remember this is just a suggestion.

Essence brown quattro – The make-up chair did a very easy and fancy look with this baby and I thought this can be used in so many ways and looks. From simple everyday look to a nice smokey eye.


Essence Blush Up in Heatwave. The moment I saw the duo of the orange and the pink I thought it would be perfect for my extremely fair skin and I was right. It is comfortable for me to mix the two colors and get that in between orange and pink color. Neither Pink or orange is the best on my skin but together its a great middle-way

Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain. This is just sooo awesome. The person I got this as a gift for does not really like lipsticks so I thought this would be a good introduction. Its basically lip balm but leaves a stain on your lips. I think for our fair skin the colors is a good start.

Maybaline Rocket waterproof mascara. Hmmm I still need to decide how I feel about this one. My lashes kinda get stuck to each other on a very hot day when I use this. The other problem I have got is that it leaves black marks under my eyes. I do not think it’s awful but it will not appear in my monthly favorites.

Essence waterproof eyeliner. I think for a beginner this is a perfect pencil. It has got a felt tip and is medium thickness. You need to go over the line two or three times to get it an opaque black color, especially if you use it over eye shadows. It not the longest wear and if you touch your eyes during the day it will go off easily. 

Gosh Bronzer – I am new to using bronzer, and I have to admit that to me it can look dirty very quickly but at the same time I’m not sure if I’m using enough. I still have to find that balance and I think that this bronzer is good to start with because of the lighter colors at the bottom. I do not really venture closer to the darker colors yet. 


Gosh Powder Brush. It is sooooo soft and mine is full of blush and bronzer at the moment. I probably should not mix the two but when you are in a hurry anything goes. The bristles are really soft and cause I am only using powders with this brush I do not have any problems. I would however not use this brush when using a cream blush as it will soak up so much more product. This brush still need to go for it’s first wash and only then will I be able to complete a full assessment but so far so good. 
Essence Smokey eye & eyeshadow brush. I have mentioned these brushes in a previous blog and I have gotten so much use out of them that I thought it will be a good gift for someone. Infact most of these products is combined in one gift. Back to the brushes, the bristles are soft and the do not shed. They blend the product well and is easy to clean. In the beginning the purple did come off a bit when I washed it but most is out now after the third wash. They are inexpensive and I would recommend them for any beginner.

This is the last piece that will conclude my gift to my special person (it’s my sister – she finished school this year and is starting to work next year). When I saw this it screamed her name and I just had to get it. The material would be easy to wash and I like to get darker make-up bags as they tend to get dirty very quickly. So cute!

What did you get that “someone special” this year for Christmas? Let me know

Love ya

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