November Faves 2014

3 December 2014

Every month everyone comment on how quickly the month has gone by. Well this month I will be commenting on how much I’m looking forward going on leave. I have said in so many posts that this has really been a hard year, so my leave is totally overdue! I am counting the days! 

This month there is something of everything, even an unfavorite. I get so sad when I have an unfavorite because I buy a product hoping for the best. But I guess everyone is diffirent. 

Now lets get into this month faves. It’s a bit of everything but well loved <3

Woolworths Face Cloths

I have been trying to get rid of two dry spots underneath my eyes for months now. I used different cleansers, moisturisers, toners. Name it, and I have tried it. Nothing permanently solved my dry patches. We were at a stage where they almost got names and I would have dealt with them. Then I had a bright spark that maybe the sponges I used in my skincare routine was too harsh on my skin. I switched to face cloths and it was not even two weeks before those patches cleared up. I have been loving these face cloths from Woolworths this month. Maybe I should save up for Dermalogica’s Muslin Cloth.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

This is the best brush washing liquid EVER! Actually while writing this I’m watching Youtube and Amelia Liana uses exactly the same on her brushes. It foams up so nicely, remove all the product and leave my brushes smelling oh so good and clean and fresh! 🙂 This works wonders on brushes with either natural or synthetic bristles. Its easy to use and easy to rinse and it does an amazing job. My brushes is so soft and clean.

Lush – Roots Hair Treatment

This super white treatment is filled with awesomeness. I decided to cut my hair short sometime in June and it took until now to cut out the last bit of the perm. Eeeeek. 
 So I have been using this to try and treat my hair to make it grow faster. The logic behind the thought is that the mint make your scalp tingle and then the blood flows there to check it out which brings blood flow and more oxygen to your fair follicles. and I’m testing to see if this will make my hair grow faster.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere

The two of us are having a love-hate relationship. The love part – this is a stunning color and combined with the Inglot color mentioned below its a match made in heaven. BUT… here comes the hate part, staying power is awful. Even if I set it with the Inglot eyeshadow it just disappear into thin air. But this still did not make me stop wearing the combo the whole month. Not sure if I will repurchase this.

Inglot eyeshadows 

I love love love Inglot eyeshadows. It is so convenient that you can choose your own colors to make up your own palette. This whole month I have been using the copper color in the crease and then the ivory color and the jumbo pencil mentioned above on my lid. This is my quick and easy go-to-look and I received so many compliments. The pigmentation of the Inglot shadows is incredible. A little bit goes a long way and it is so easy to blend. I think soon I will have every color they have available. It would maybe be safe to say that Inglot is my favorite eyeshadow brand. <3

27Pinkx Blush Brush

This was an early birthday present, one of those “from me, to me”. LOL
The brush has synthetic bristles and oh my, It’s so soft and easy to use. I actually look forward applying my blush and to be honest I do not even like my blush color (I am on the hunt for the perfect blush color for this super fair skin) I bought myself the whole set of 10 brushes and I really recommend them to anyone. The quality it amazing and its a good set for a beginner. 

D’Licious Cappuccino Flavoured Wafer Sticks.

This is my ultimate favorite snack / treat beside chocolate. They are yummy and the centers are always filled with lots of the cappuccino flavoured chocolate. The wafers aren’t too sweet. This is really a nice snack to have with a late night cup of tea.  If I’m correct there is 4 flavors in the range, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cappuccino. They are also busy introducing new flavors. Mint and I can not remember the other one. Love these cookies or biscuits. 

Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

This is my “unfavorite” for the month. For me the wipe is almost too small to take off the day’s make-up. I really do not like the texture of the wipe and it make my skin feel dry. I’m am really bumped out that I do not like this product as I had high hopes for it. Unfortunately it was thrown to the back of the cupboard this month and is only used to clean swatches (you know when you come back from the mall and your hand looks like a red and brown color wheel) 

This was what I like and did not like this month. What was your favorite?

Love ya

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