Rubybox December 2014

18 December 2014

For some reason there was a problem with my debit order this month and I phoned Rubybox on Thursday fourth of December and sorted the matter. You would not believe but Monday morning the receptionist phoned me and said there was a package for me. I was expecting something workwise and guess what arrived – My Rubybox!!! Yay. I was really impressed guys…

When I phoned Rubybox and sorted my problem, I asked the person who helped me that when they send me my box, if they can please choose a box that has the new smooch stick in it. I absolutely love a red lip and the Rubybox smooch sticks is just sooo amazing. Anyway, I’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s look at the awesome box they sent me (semi on my request) LOL

Emmanuel Ungaro – L’Amour Fou

I use to get so frustrated when I received frfragrancesn my Rubybox. I felt that it was not worth it. But I am a changed woman. I now appreciate the sample size. Not only do I throw all of them in my handbag (you know when you just need that spritz of perfume. Whether you forgot to put some on at home or if you just want to turn some heads) but it is also nice to test two or three times to see how it interacts with you. Now this month I googled the perfume right after I applied it, trying to see where I can get a full size to add to my Christmas wishlist. Oh my! This is such a sultry, mysterious and sexy perfume. It has pink pepper, blackberry and pear as top notes. Rose, violet and nectarine as middle notes and Cashmere wood, vanilla and amber as base notes. This really is a deep, sophisticated perfume and I will most definitely be getting a full size. Whether my husband gets for me for Christmas or I make it a “from me – to me” gift, I will most definitely be going into the new year with a bottle of this! Love it <3

Rubybox Nailed it! Lacquer in Just Peachy

I have not tried this yet but this will be the first color that goes on my nails after the festive mani’s come off. It is such a pretty girly color and the formula looks promising. I have seen on Instagram that Charlene from Gee Whiskers also got a couple colors from Rubybox. 

Natural Lab Antioxidant-Rich Face Cream

Hmmmm this product did not make it to any sort of happy list. I have tried it on my hand and the smell was not nice at all. Its a skin color liquid and was kind of sticky and tacky when I rubbed it on my hand. I will have to investigate this a whole lot more to give some constructive feedback

Smooch Stick in Red my mind

I thought this was going to be the star of the box but the perfume stole the show! I absolutely love these smooch sticks. They are so smooth and buttery and pigmented. And when I saw Rubybox brought out a red I could not wait to get my grubby hands on it. I love me some reds lips!!! 

What subscriptions box are you getting each month? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Love ya

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