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18 September 2015
If you visit my blog regularly you would have noticed that I was absent for a couple of months. I am very glad to be back and I am back posting on a regular schedule again. Now just because I was not writing does not mean that I stopped buying too much makeup goodies.

Let us have a look at a couple hauls that should have been posted earlier.
If I can remember correctly, then I bought this Dec 2014. 

  • Inglot Under Makeup Base – This was my first primer I bought. This is not my favorite. I think maybe because it’s not the correct product for my skin type. I feel that when applying my foundation it still goes on bit streaky and cling to my dry patches. But when I am in a pinch I till grab this.
  • Callus Free Plus – This is an automatic foot file. Best gadget EVER! It’s effective and easy to clean and delivers great result
  • Keepsake / Brown eye Bag – This was MAC’s holiday collection last year. It consists of the sparkly bag, Eye pencil, Eyeshadow duo and mascara. I find the bag very pretty and sturdy. The tg on the zip is  a mother of pearl (black metal). This bag is too pretty to use so it is still in the plastic wrapping in it’s box, tugged away in my cupboard.
  • Stubborn Brown Eye Pencil – It is an easy to wear dark brown eye pencil. Nice for the waterline, not really smudge-able.
  • Eyeshadow Duo – Just Gleaming (lighter shade) and Stolen moment (darker shade). This is MAC’s Extra Dimension eyeshadows. I use this for an easy minimal makeup look. The shadows is buttery soft and blends like a dream.
  • Extra Dimension Lash Mascara – It’s a good mascara and the wand is comfortable to use. I have found that this mascara does not transfer or flake or clump. Just and easy to use and wear mascara.
  • MAC Fix + Setting spray.This mist has a multitude of functions in my makeup collection. One day I will tell you all about her.
  • MAC Paint pot in painterly – This is such a good eye primer. It needs some setting but I have use it tons this year and there is still tons left. A little goes a long way and it helps my shadows last all day.
  • Inglot – Fusion Blush & Illuminator (204) – This is perfect for my pale skin. I love the color and the illuminator is almost like a highlighter.
This haul was round about February.

  • Bourjois Bronzing Powder – For some reason this power made a funny layer over the power and now does not want to sweep anymore. I used it tons in the beginning, but not so much now anymore.
  • Ponds spot clear –  What a good spot treatment!
  • Essie in Nice is Nice – A soft pastel color to use any time of the year.
  • Maybeline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil – I got three colors. A red, a bright pink and a nude color. These are fantastic! Easy to wear and they do not really dry out my lips, but I have to reapply every now and again.
  • MAC 217 Blending brush – This is a flattish domed blending brush. Takes your blending game to a whole new level!
  • MAC Blush in Uplifting – This blush was part of the Lightness of Being collection. Its is an orange & pink blush with shimmer. I love this blush, it comes out every now and again so that I can use it sparingly.
  • Bourjois healthy balance setting powder – Perfectly good setting powder. Does not leave me caked face but helps to mattify the face and the foundation to last a bit longer.
I think I caused this damage in April.

  • Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet – This perfume is my current favorite. It has a fruity, floral smell (Peaches, roses, posies and musk). I feel this is perfect for spring!
  • Dior J’Adore – This is a very complex perfume. Lots of fruits and florals but have a musk, Vanilla & Cedar undertones. I feel this is A late winter early spring perfume or maybe for a night out.
  • MAC Toledo collection Opera Lipstick – The packaging is soooo pretty. I bought a red lipstick just after the packaging.  Girl can never have enough red lipstick right?
  • Hask Monoi Oil Shampoo + Conditioner – This is sulphates & parabens free and smell like Coconut. My hair felt soft and shiny after using this combination.
This happened somewhere in May but the brushes is always available.

  • Essence Eyeshadow brush – This is just a normal shader brush. I use this to pack on color on the eyelid. It is dense and can place lots of color without too much fall out.
  • Essence Eyeblender brush –  How many blending brushes can a girl have? Answer: never enough. This brush does not shed and helps to blow out a look to the max
  • Essence Blush Brush –  Soft as a cloud – the shape of the brush also assist in either applying blush or a light contour.
If I am correct I think I got these end of May or Middle of June.

  • Essence Hello Autumn Eyeshadow palette in 01 – Walk in the park – I was very excited about this collection and then I ended up not even using this palette. I have swatched all the colors and I think it accidentally got put away out of eyesight. This is actually very sad.
  • Essence Hello Autumn Multicolor Power in 01 – Autumn & the City – This power I used tons and tons. It is like a very light bronzer. Just enough to take away the ashyness of winter blues.
  • Essence Hello Autumn Color adapting powder blush in 01 – Beauti-fall Red – What fun this blush provided. The blush adapts to the PH level of your skin and provides a nice pink glow, that stains the cheek a bit (it says that on the packaging). Now this impatent blond did not read the instructions and just kept adding blush until I could see something. Thinking this is a dud product and putting it away. On entering the bathroom couple minutes later, I had red cheeks instead of pink. Since then I got the situation under control and I find that this is a very interesting product.
  • Essence Hello Autumn Lip cream in C01 – Beauti-FaLL Red & C02 – Keep calm & go for a walk – These lip creams are really gems in my collection. They are comfortable on the lips and the colors is awesome. I think I might even wear them this Spring and Summer.

According to Instagram this was bought 12 week ago, putting it around early July.

  • Freeman Clay Mask in Chocolate & Strawberries – This is supposed the be a hydrating mask. The only time I used it, my skin felt very tight and dry. I will most definitely test it  bit more to make sure.
  • Catrice Defining Blush – This is a blush I picked up on sale at Dis-Chem and I reach for it more often than not. Its an easy everyday kind of blush and it blends very well and even.
  • L.A. Girl Pro BB Cream – L.A. Girl makes such good products. This BB Cream quickly became a staple in my collection and I almost have to get a third tube. I enjoy using this BB Cream alot!
  • L.A. Girl Pro Powder – I will not have to invest in a high end setting powder after using this one. It is amazing. Light on the skin and the foundation does not look cakey or just disintegrates. This is one of those products that I keep a backup in the cupboard.
  • Freeman Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask – Unfortunately I will still have to test this one out. It is also a hydrating mask. I am holding thumbs that my skin love and appreciate this baby.

What products did you enjoy testing out this year? Tell me about it in the comments section below

Love ya

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