Honest Chocolate

23 September 2015
I am the biggest Chocoholic I know. Chocolate is my answer to any and all my problems.

My husband spoiled me in July and he took me to the Winelands Chocolate Festival. I think I died and went to heaven for a few hours. I literally stopped at every stall and tasted all of their testers. Everybody was so friendly and all the testers tasted interesting and chocolaty 🙂

The Honest Chocolate stall was one of my favorites. Not only was the chocolates amazing but they also had the richest thickest hot chocolate I have ever tasted. It was really something to write home about. Hmmm. There was definitely two stand out stalls and  Honest Chocolate was one of them. The people that was assisting us had not only just a good knowledge of the products but understood the process in making their products. It was very interesting. 

When I got home I went to their website and took a look at them. I was quite surprised and promised myself I will go and visit their shop one day (which I still want to go and do). I think what stood out for me was their passion and determination. To them it is not jut about satisfying a craving. Honest Chocolate grasp the fact that there is so much more to this. It is like they are speaking to my soul…

With them you can have your cake and eat it aswell. They make their products with raw cacao and temper them by hand on a granite slab. They are then hand dipped and wrapped in eco friendly paper. The best part for me is the following. Their products are free of preservatives, additives and emulsifiers. It is also free of dairy and processed sugars. Honest Chocolate has replace the processed sugar with Agave nectar which is believed to have a low GI. 

Remember how your mom always told you chocolate isn’t good for you? I think these chocolates might be a different story. I mean look at the photo I took from their website of their Bonbons. I had the mint and it was mouth watering delicious. 

I think that sourcing local is always the better option. It helps the local community and also helps SA companies to grow and have a better chance should big opportunities arrive. Please go and visit their website (see link below) to see if they have a supplier near you or contact them if you would like to become a supplier for them.
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Love ya

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