L.A. Girl Blush Palette

2 September 2015
I first laid eyes on these beauties on a video by Nicole from youngwildandpolished on Youtube. I have been looking out for them ever since. There are four palettes named Glam, Glow, Pinky and Spice. The last two were either too pink or too brown for my liking buy they are still stunning! L.A. Girl Cosmetics is available from Dis-Chem. It’s an extremely affordable brand and believe me when I say that there is some absolute gems from their collection. Come check my August Faves to meet one of these gems.

All the palettes consist of two blushes (one matte and one with the slightest shimmer), one bronzer and one highlighter. The packaging is a glossy but sturdy cardboard type. On the inside there is a decent size mirror, only problem is that its not wide enough, but it can still work. When it is closed it leaves a see-through strip so that you can see the colors of the product in the pans. Closing the lid one can feel the magnetic pull that makes me feel comfortable knowing it will not flap open and damage the powders. The pigmentation is ridiculously intense, a little goes a long way.


Let’s start with the darkest blush. Its a rosy pink color with a coral undertone. The next blush is a lighter pink, also a coral undertone but more on the nude side (pink nude). It also contains the slightest glitter, but using a brush I almost want to say that it does not transfer. The bronzing shade is perfect for light skin tones. It is not orange and blends out stunningly. Now the highlighter – I want to explain it as almost translucent with a sheen. I think this is my favorite one of the two.


Let us start with the darker blush again. This is a Fuchsia pink. I will admit that its a bit scary but used in small amounts it is sure to make a statement and look stunning. I can imagine a cat eye with loads of mascara and this blush with a nude lip. The lighter blush again has a bit of shimmer. I think of natural pink when I look at this blush. The bronzer is a tad dark but luckily no orange to it. Not sure that I will get a lot of use out of this bronzer. The highlighter is very “shiny”, it makes me think of a deeper Mary Louminazer. On my fair skin this highlighter will make me look like I have shiny dirt on my face but I most definitely get tons of use from it as an eyeshadow.

These palettes is available from Dis-Chem @ R79.95 each. As for a blush-aholic this is more than worth it. 

Love ya

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