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Lorac Unzipped Palette Review

23 September 2015
I will just come out and admit it. Eyeshadows give me life! Eyes, cheeks and lips… There is too many eyeshadow palettes, blushes and lippies in my collection – I will never finish it all in my lifetime. But testing new and pretty things is my second job.

I have seen this baby on social media a lot and most reviews was very good. I just thought that this palette is beautiful. The purple colors will go well with my pale skin and brown eyes.

Unfortunately South Africa’s retails stores does not stock this palette. I had to go look elsewhere until I came across an Instgram user that sells oversea products. This made my heart very happy. I ordered the palette immediately and I enjoy using it. 
Top row colors left to right – 
  • Undercover – This is a very pale pink. It has got a bit of a sheen to it. For my pale skin this is very light so the best way to use it is as a brow highlight.
  • Unbelievable – The best way I can describe this is as  rose copper. The pigmentation is on point the power is easy to pack on a brush and transfer onto the eyes.
  • Unattainable – Golden brown is a good description for this color. Its good to wear all over the lid and the shimmer in the pan is just enough to make this wearable for daytime aswell.
  • Unconditional – This is a matte cool brown. Stunning for the crease to use as  transition color.
  • Unbridled – Another matte color. In the pan this looks like a dark purple, but when you apply it, it shows up as a brown with a purple undertone. I have to admit that it is a bit chalky but you can still work with it as it blends well.

Bottom row colors left to right – 
  • Undiscovered – This is a light gold color. Again it does not show very bright on my pale skin but when the sun hits is right it reflects the most beautiful color and shine.
  • Unreal – Not my favorite shade. It’s a pale pink shimmer. It barely shows on my skin, thus the reason for my not using it a lot. But I do like to mix it sometimes with some of the other colors.
  • Uncensored – Golden copper I think is a good color match. Its very similar to Unattainable but just deeper in color. This is also a shimmer but all of them isn’t “in your face” shimmer. It is just enough for a well rounded look
  • Unspoken – Another transition color. This is  warm brown, it’s also a matte and perfect for blending in the crease or smoking out the lower lash line.
  • Untamed – A deep dark brown that is perfect to make any smokey eye top notch quality. It has the tiniest bit of shimmer in the pan.
Together with the palette you will receive this eyeshadow primer. I did not use this a ton. There is others that I like more but it’s a decent eye primer. 

Love ya

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