No more raisan skin!

16 September 2015
Do you know someone that has a cupboard bursting at its seems with clothes, but have nothing to wear? I am the same when it come to brushes. I have so many makeup brushes, but never seem to have a clean one to use.

This glove saved my life and cut my cleaning time in half. I still use every last blending, shader and pencil brush I have before starting to clean them. That I write down to procrastination. The Sigma Brush Cleansing Glove is easy to clean and easy to use. It makes cleaning your brushes a pleasure instead or a chore.

There is three main areas on the glove to help you take care of your brushes. Also, there is two sides to the glove. One to assist with your face brushes and one to assist with your eye brushes. The textures are are same, just different sizes. 

The washing area is made up with lots of knobby bubbles. This assist in cleaning out all the clogged up foundation or the color pigment on your brushes. It is not abrasive on the bristles and really helps to get it all cleaned out. The washing area makes out to be the whole palm area on your hand. I think it was well placed in the palm arae as that is where you would normally and instinctively place the brush to clean it. It is also the biggest area on the glove.
Rinsing – tricky one! The groves is supposed to help you rinse out all the soap, and I feel that this only  works to a certain degree. For the bigger face brushes I feel that the rinse arae is not working the best. Sometimes I will have to take off the glove and push out all the soap and foam. The placing of the rinsing area is also very well placed as you can apply some pressure from the bottom upwards to make the brush spread open and get water through as many bristles as possible at once.
Refine – What a necessary step! Another well placed area. The texture is so well designed to refine the shape of your brush. Placing the brush between your thumb and your index finger you can squeeze the very last bit of soap out and then shape the bristles nicely and get them ready to dry on a towel.
The inside of the glove is lined out with a micro fibre cloth glove aswell. Your hand never gets wet in the process of cleaning your brushes. Best part is the you can take the micro fibre cloth out and through it in the washing machine.

You can order this gadget from Turquoise Studio. If you visit them be sure to check out the other gadgets that is also available to take care of your brushes.

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