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7 September 2015
I will never ever get to the bottom of my whistlist. As soon as one item gets ticked off then another (or a couple) gets added. It is a never ending bad, black circle. But to be honest I do not require any help, except if you are a rich guy wanting to spoil me “just because” (as if that will ever happen – keep on dreaming girl) 

Let’s run through my “not-so-very-long list’ of goodies.

1.  – The Lou Minizer sisters. I am actually looking for the mini sized ones (I already own a        full size Mary Lou Minizer. They will be available from Retailbox, I am not sure of the
       price or when they will be available, but be sure to check their website on the link I left

2.  – Maybeline Baby Skin Pore Eraser – A couple of weeks ago I stood with one in my hand,
       and for some reason (still unknown to me up to this day) I put it down. Now I can not
       find one anywhere! They are available at Retail stores like Edgars, Foschini,
       Truworths @ +/- R80

3.  – MAC Giambattista Valli Lipsticks – These beauties were launched last week
       Wednesday and are already sold out. The colors is vibrant and oh that packaging!!!
      They are available from MAC or selected Edgars & Foschini stores. And they are limited
       stock. I hope they filter down from the Waterfront to the Northern Suburb shops. They
       retail @ R230 each

4.  – Inglot Gel Eyeliner – I love love love Inglot. Their products are pigmented, they last all
       day and their freedom system is so convenient. This liner is easy to work with, stay all
       day or all night and is easy-ish to remove. Its as black as black can be and can take any
       look from good to WOW!! You can find this at Free standing Inglot stores or selected
       Edgars stores or buy online. These babies retail for R189

5.  – Sorbet Nail Treatment Collection – Currently I am urgently in the market for a cuticle
       oil. They are so dry and looking a little bit sad. I want to try the bye bye cutie pie from
       this range, but if you can suggest anything else please let me know in the comments
       below. This collection you can purchase from the Sorbet stores @ R80

6.  – Palladio Baked Bronzer – This is a beautiful baked bronzer that I think will give the
       perfect sun kissed glow. In the pan it looks like a little bit of the sun mixed with
       chocolate powder to create that goddess look. I will be getting this from Dis-Chem if I
       can find it. Not sure of the price though

7.  – Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Restorative Capsules – What a mouth full. I have
       only heard good things about this product and although it is pricey (like I have to save
       for it) I need it for these dry under eyes. The winter looked me in the face and laughed
       at me. Now I am left with dry under eyes and a look of longing when I go into the
       Red Square website. You will find these babies there @ R785 (hold onto your chair) 

8.  – Sigma Brush mat – I have the brush glove and it work wonders. It’s a huge upgrade
       from having to wash your brushes with your hand (and getting one gran-ma hand). Now
       the problem is that I have to take it off the whole time if I do not want everything to get
       wet and soapy. The solution? This gadget. It’s available form Turqoise Studio @ R550
       (currently sold out)

9.  – Jo Malone – Peony & Blush Suede – I will have to make a deal with the devil or maybe
       blackmail my neighbor and maybe rob a bank. But somehow I will own a bottle of this
       goodness. It smells amazing and last forever and a day. It’s a really girly smell and
       freshly floral. I have a sample stick at my work desk and we are getting very close to
       stalker status. There is a Jo Malone store at the V&A Waterfront and Canal Walk where
       you can find this loveliness @ R1400 (100ml)

10. Love, Tanya – Congratulations on getting married this weekend Tanya & Jim. Moving on
      Her book is filled with beauty tips, Make-up looks, Fashion and some baking. I think she
      is lovely and I love watching her YouTube videos aswell. Takealot has her book in stock
      @ R196

11. Dermalogica Barrier Repair – We have been meeting every now and again. I keep
      getting a sample every now and again for the past year. One day I will commit and buy
      the product. It is a stunning moisturiser with so much good properties. And oh heavens I
      need it after the winter – for those winter dry under-eyes – But not now. One day I will
      own one of these bottles and wonder what took me so long to splurge. They are
      available from Sorbet and selected salons @ R560

12. – Cafe de Bain – Sweet Vanilla Madeleine – I am letting you all know that this will be my
        next shower gel. Just think how nice it will be smelling like sweet vanilla while waking
        up in the shower. You will expect your cappuccino and muffin once you are dressed.
       The best part is that this collection is available from most PNP stores at only R45

13. – Smashbox Double exposure – mini version – I had a look at the full palette and I
        think its amazing but I am on the hunt for the mini version. It has all the colors I like the
        most from the full palette and I am sure it will cost less – As I could not find it yet to
        compare. I will still have to do some hunting.

14. – Essence blush and highlighters – cream to powder – Essence is a stunning brand.
        Their range is affordable and really good quality. There was really only one or two
        items from the gazillion that I have purchased that I did not like, and that came down to
        mostly prefrebility (I don’t think that is a word, but you get the idea). Clearly I do not
        shop at all the right stores cause I see photos all around of this but I can not seem to
        find it. If you spot it somewhere in the northern suburbs of Cape Town please let me
        know cause I will hunt that darling down. You can find these at Clicks, Dis-chem and
        some red square stores at R54 each

Is some of your lust list items on my list aswell or did I enable you with one or two? Let me know.

Love ya

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