Getting ready for summer – Shaving Edition

12 January 2016
I get how this can be a very personal topic but there is just a couple of things I want to share with you guys… Winter I go into semi-hibernation mode. This is the time when I might grow and extra layer of “skin”. Everything is an effort, if I had my way I’d stay home all day, eat soup and croutons while watching a good series in bed.

So when the time arrive and I need to get back to normal human mode this is my routine.

While I was still living with my parents I had a Gillette Simply Venus Fancy razor. My mom footed the bill for the blades and I did not have a care in the world. After getting married and starting our own household I quickly came to realize the price of everything. I switched to a cheaper brand and was never happy again. They always get nasty and I found them to be ineffective compared to Gillette Simply Venus. So the other day I decided I had enough I will just suck it up and spoil myself.

But when I was standing in Clicks, I saw these disposable razors. Grabbed them and into the basket they went. I though I’d first try them out as they were really inexpensive.

Best decision ever! I get best of both worlds. Not only are these affordable but they also do the job well. I get a clean, close shave with one stroke. They are easy to keep clean and easy to store. Although they do not last as long as the fancy one, they still do the same job. 

I prefer to use either a showergel or the Lush Strawberry shaving soap. I’m not too fond of the shaving cream and I always get in trouble for not putting it back where it belongs. The reason I like using the showergel is that it is always close by and it does not attribute to my already dry skin. The Strawberry shaving soap is one of those “spoil yourself” items. Its a bit more expensive compared to a showergel. D’Fluff contain fresh strawberries, cocoa butter and coconut oil. Its amazingly moisturizing. 

Tip – Then on a higher note. When I’m doing the underarms I usually use a little bit of shampoo. It just make it easier and is a lot less abrasive.

I have extremely dry skin and shaving can cause a bit of irritation on my skin. When I am done I tap my legs dry as appose to rubbing them. I then apply Nivea Men post shave balm for a calming effect. This is a stunning product as it does not contain alcohol, and is paraben free.
I then wait a while before I put on a good moisturizer. If I am feeling really daring, Ill put a lotion on with a staining effect. But more on that in the next post of the series. 

What do you do to get your legs ready for summer to show off the stunning new dress? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

Love ya

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