Battle of the Brands – Micellar Water

17 February 2016
Using Micellar water is the first step in my cleansing regime each night. I use it to take off the most of my makeup that is left after the day. It really does a good job at removing foundation but the challenge remains in the waterproof liner or mascara. I feel that going in with the Micellar water first, it allows my cleanser to clean my face and not to battle with removing makeup.

When the Garnier Micellar water launched last year it stirred quite the hype and I think a lot of beauty bloggers were thankful to Garnier for launching their Micellar water in South Africa.

In this post I will put two brands against each other and see which one comes out on top.

Garnier Micellar Water

There  is currently two versions available in South Africa. The normal version and one for sensitive skin. I can honestly not tell the difference between using the two versions. Both versions remove my makeup equally well and leaves the skin feeling ready to be cleansed. My skin does not feel dry and tight after using this product, but rather refreshed.

All you do is you take a cotton pad, hold it over your eyes a couple of seconds and then wipe away. I do two to three swipes over each eye. This takes off all my eyeshadow and some of the mascara and eyeliner. I then take another cotton pad and use this to take of the rest of my foundation and makeup.

The 400ml bottle is great value for money at only R79.95  available at Clicks and Dischem. 

Bioderma Micellar Water

I got this bottle over a year ago and yes I am still using it. There is no real smell to the liquid and it is very similar to the Garnier Water.
I did not break out when I used this and my skin also did not feel dry. I have to admit that because of the price I used his a lot less than the Garnier water
Because this is quite expensive I only used it when I had a full face of makeup with lots of powder and lots of eye makeup. 

Here is my conclusion – Both brands performs well and it does what it claims is will do. Both brands also perform the same on my skin. However, because of the price diffidence the win will have to go to the Garnier Micellar Water. You get more product at a lower price.

Are you using one of these two products? If so, let me know what is your thoghts.

Love ya

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