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Review – Essence Mascaras

19 February 2016

Essence is like my go to brand. I am always on the look out for their trend editions. I find them so much fun. Going through my Instagram feed the other day I realized that I have not really tried any of the Essence mascaras. So naturally I picked up some to put them to the test. In this blogpost I will share with you my thoughts on the two mascaras shown in the picture.

Essence Multi Action

Let us first start with the claims. It claims to provide extra volume, length and separation. This is big claims and I can most certainly do with  little bit of help. 

The wand is made of rubber and it looked interesting. It gets more narrow towards the end and I suppose that helps with the volume claim. What is more interesting is the placement of the bristles. Each row of bristles is spaced in such a way to promote separation of the lashes. These two claims I can agree with, the length however, I am not so sure.

Now lets talk about performance… The pigmentation is awesome. It is quite black, now when you apply this mascara this seems to be a good thing until… I found that this mascara transfers to underneath my eyes. Furthermore I also experienced that it clumped with a second coat, but in all fairness its pigmented enough that you do not need a second coat. The other problem I have is with the fact that the mascara flakes.

Now if you are looking for something that you can quickly wear to the mall on a Saturday morning with minimal makeup, this is your bet. It will be easy to take off and will last just long enough. If you are looking for something to hold a curl, make your lashes longer and last a long time, I will rather recommend another mascara.

At R47.95 I do not mind the flaws in this mascara. I am sure I will finish the tube, but I do not think I will repurchase it. I would like to try some other mascaras from Essence though.

Essence I Like Long Lashes

Let us start with the claims again. This mascara claims to have a WOW effect, Ultimate length, extra volume and perfect definition. Now my lashes isn’t too short – but they can always do with some help.

This wand is also a rubber wand and it is quite small. Apparently there is lash-extending fibers in the formula which assist with the lengthening process. I find the formula a little wet but not too bad that you can not work with it. With this mascara I agree with the lengthening and separation but not the volume. I enjoy the small brush and it can get into the inner corner or the lower lash line.

The pigmentation is also not too bad, but as the previous mascara this one also clumps on the second coat. But due to the pigmentation a second coat is not really needed. This mascara does not transfer to my lower lash line, which is good, but it can be a little bit flaky at times.

Again I do not dislike the mascara but it is nothing worth writing home about. I feel that this mascara is an easy wear on a minimal makeup day. Now, I do not believe the WOW factor, but if you want a mascara to use for just breaking the “bare skin” look then this is for you.

If you have been using these mascaras please tell me what you thought of them.

Love ya

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