February Faves

14 March 2016
This month has really been a bit (no wait, alot!) hectic at the office. I have put in so much extra hours and there is still lots to be done. These babies got me through the month and I love all of them sooo much.

Essence – Multi Colour Blush – 01 You sweeten my day!

No, You are not seeing double. I loved this blush so much that I went and got a back-up. The knit pattern is adorable. I have only got this for about two weeks, but I have been wearing it everyday. When I initially got this I thought the pigmentation was going to be a bit low. After applying it the first time I knew I’m going to love it so much that I went and got a back-up. The outer part has a beautiful knit pattern and has a slight shine to it. The inner part is shaped like a heart and holds most of the pigmentation. If you are a medium to darker skin tone, this might not get you excited. On my pale skin this blush looks so pretty and natural – like a natural flush. I love it!

Oh So Heavenly – Vanilla Cupcake Bubble balm

When this bubble is finished I will most definitely buy another one again. It makes my lips feel so moisturized. I like how it makes a slight click sound when you close the lid. The dome shape also make it easy to apply. Like I said in my blogpost when I reviewed this bubble balm that when I apply it before I go to sleep, I can still feel it when I wake up the next morning. I highly recommend this.

Elizabeth Arden – Night Cream

This is exactly what my skin needed this month. When I smell this I feel so relaxed. It is so nice and rich. My skin is dehydrated at the moment and needs all the help it can get. Will do a review soon. 

Essence lip stick 01 – Pretty you and 02 – Live, Love, Laugh and Repeat

These lipsticks are the bomb! The colour does not really stay very long but it’s such a “your lips but better” look that you do not really even need a mirror. They feel so soft on the lips and I appreciate that I can apply them at work without having to check the mirror. When they fade they do not really leave any colour behind but like I said, it’s easy to re-apply. Wish I got back ups of these aswell.

Clinique – Take the day off

Last year when we were visiting my in-laws I forgot my cleansing balm at home and shockingly learned that Clinique discontinued the balm version – only the cleansing oil is still available. This balm is the best, it breaks down all my eye makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. (I got two back ups – can not believe this is discontinued)

What was your favorites this month? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Love ya

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