April Faves 2016

2 May 2016
Hi guys, I’m back with normal posts again. Like I said two or three posts ago I took a little break cause I was dealing with some personal issues and I did not want to write posts just for the sake of it, I want my heart and soul to be in what I am doing. Hence the fact that I do not really have a whole lot of faves, but there was still a couple of items that got me through the month.

Elizabeth Arden – Provocative Women

This was one of my mum’s favorite perfumes. It really is perfect for everyday / everywhere. Its sultry, confidant with a tiny bit of spice (probably from the ginger) and it lasts all day. Every time I wore this, it made me think of my mom and how much she loved this perfume. The thing I adore about the perfume is that it will suite every age and I feel will uplift any mood. It’s stunning.

Oral-B Professional

I got this toothpaste last month after I visited my dentist. It was just for a check-up and a clean, but I complained that my teeth felt extra sensitive after drinking something hot or eating something very cold. She recommended this toothpaste and after using it for a month I can attest to a diffidence. It is a little bit more expensive than normal toothpaste but I will gladly fork out a bit more if it will help with my sensitivity.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

I have to admit I bought this mascara purely to get the gift with purchase (to be seen in a future post). The verdict is not yet conclusive on this mascara, the only reason it reached my faves it cause I wore it most of the month (cause I never added another to my makeup bag I take to work). It works fine, but nothing to write home to about. The wand is a bit too big for my liking but the formula is not too bad. You can pack two or three layers without it clumping which is always a good thing in my books. Further, I have not experienced any flaking or transferring to the under eye area. When it comes to removing the mascara it does not put up that big of a fight but yet still stays put all day long.

Essence Happy girls are Pretty – 01 Pretty you!

When this Essence trend edition came out I jumped to get my hands on it. I loved the blush so much that I even got a back-up. Now I wish I also got a back-up of the two lipsticks. They are so comfortable on the lips and so easy to apply, you do not even need a mirror. The only draw back is the longevity. At the office this is no problem because if I leave it on my desk it is easy to just re-apply, but when you are out and about you will have to remember to re-apply every now and again or after drinking and eating. This is definitely the standout this month!

Amway Artistry Youth Xtend

I was in a desperate need of a foundation. The one I was using was just not living up to my expectations. My friend is a consultant for Amway and she recommend this foundation. I am so glad she did. It’s fantastic and I love it. I will do a review soon and tell you all about it.

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush

I have been stalking the Turquoise Studio website for months and months checking up on the “Most wanted brush set”. It is a lot of money to pay for brushes and I could not really justify paying so much for brushes. BUT – I realized that the tools you use influence the outcome of your look and with our failing currency the price of the set will just keep on increasing, so I bit the bullet and got the set. So far the kabuki brush is my favorite but I will do a in depth review of the whole set in a future blogpost.

What was your favorites in April. Let me know in the comments below or leave a link to your blogpost and I will check it out and show some love.

Love ya

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