Make-up Look – Hubby’s 30th

18 May 2016
The hubby is turning 30 this week and we are hosting a huge get together this weekend. I am preparing some of the snacks as well as the dinner for the party myself (not sure what I was thinking). There is a lot to do on the day it self and I will not have too much time getting ready.
I want to keep the look natural with a pop of glam, hence the lashes.

Let’s run through the goodies in the bag. I love the makeup and looking forward to creating a stunning look.

Face First! 

I will be applying the Catrice Prime & Fine Beautifying Primer first after moisturising. This really is an awesome primer. If you are looking for something to fill pores, this is not your partner but it evens out the skin, add moisturise back to and pro-long the wear of my foundation.
Foundation – I am looking for something that is comfortable on the skin but long wearing. Although this is not my night I still want to look good and this foundation makes me feel comfortable and feeling comfortable makes me feel confident. The color is almost identical to my skin tone and it does not emphasize my pores. This is my new obsession, I love it!
Eyes, Eyes, Eyes!

Essence eye palette – The shadows in this palette is very soft and will blend easily, It is also soft on the eyes creating a soft and well blended look. I need to take my look from daytime to night time hence the reason for a soft eye look but with a touch of glam – the falsies.

Inglot Falsies – Inglot products do not have names, they have numbers! I have my falsies in number 17N. They really are more on the natural side, I just want to add some volume and glam to the look, but still keep it natural and under rated.

Inglot Gel Liner in #77 – The best gel liner you will find! It is super black and  I have mentioned it a lot on my blog. Once is has set it is there to stay for the whole day! It does not budge at all. This will just add to the glam vibe – 
Empro Brow Pencil – I love this pencil! It helps me fill in my brows where needed. It has got a pencil / waxy formula and the colour does not move around when you touch it but rather gets lighter. The spooly  on the other end make sure that it all looks natural.

Maybeline Rocket Volume Express – I enjoy the wand of this mascara and the separation it provide my lashes but it is not my favorite mascara, but it will work well enough for the job I need it – as I’m going to wear falsies anyway.  
Cheeks and Lips

Essence Glossy Stick in Luminous Rosewood  – This lippie is my current obsession. Its comfy on the lips, the colour is that “your lips but better” and its lasts long enough. The application is awesome as it glides on easy and pigmented. 
MAC Warm Soul – Going with the natural theme this blush fits right in. It provides a natural colour to the cheeks that screams healthy. There is a slight sheen but no glitter or shimmer. It is a bit of a warmer tone and I am hoping that it will fit in with the look.

What items is on your must have list for special occasions, please let me know by leaving a comment below so that I can check them out.

Love ya

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