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11 May 2016

This is me, my mom and my sister, the picture was taken a few years ago. She has always been the glue that kept the family together, she kept us going. Gave us the kick to get things done when we needed it, but she was also compassionate and ready with good advice when needed. 

There are so many things that I hear my mom still say today even though she is not with us anymore, things I will most definitely be teaching my little one some day. In this post I will go through some of the things that was really important to my mom.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise! I can still hear my mom say this every day. She believed in a three step regime and she practiced what she preached. Sometimes I wished I listened to her sooner.

Use Sunscreen – Every holiday that we went to the seaside, I would get sunburn and look like a lobster, on the FIRST day. I got in trouble for not using sunscreen so many times. As a red-head my mom knew all about not going out without sunscreen.

Use quality products – My mom believed in good quality products. Almost like you are what you eat. She believed that in buying the best quality  you can afford and use it on a regular basis.

Get into the habit – If you do something enough times repeatedly it will become habit. She was a true believer in running on a schedule. It made sure that you get all the things done that needs to get done. It almost become like second nature.

Lifestyle  – The ladies in our household are serious chocoholics and it was important to get healthy foods as well and a healthy lifestyle. Mom always encouraged keeping ourselves busy and helping to make healthy choices. Not only food but lifestyle choices as well. 

Getting enough sleep – I never use to have a problem with sleep. I get up with great difficulty and it use to drive my mom up the wall. But she believed in at least 6 hours of sleep (the only exception: exam time). Sleep is when the body regenerate.

Be Kind – I do not know a person more compassionate than my mom. She use to keep a cash purse in her car filled with R5 coins to give to the parking attendants (she made sure that there were always coins in the car). She taught us to be kind to other people as you do not know their situation. Every person deserves a kind smile.

Be yourself –  She taught us to be ourselves, Love who we are and to be the best we could be. She showed us confidence without being full of ourselves. She taught us to be independent but to know when and how to accept help.

Me Time – Looking your best was important until the very last minute. My mom was an impeccable lady. She always looked after herself and taught us that there is no greater respect than self respect. She had a ritual of when she did what she had to do (all the ladies out there will know – we don’t naturally look this good ALL the time – it takes hard work right!)

Respect – Not only self respect, but for your elders your peers and nature. Respect is earned and not forced!

Be Strong – When a friend wronged us or we were treated unfairly, my mom never called out that person. NO, she gave advise and life lessons and allowed us to stand up for ourselves. We fought our own battles with her on the sideline coaching and teaching.

Opinions – We were taught to keep our opinions to ourselves unless you were asked. If you cannot say something good, best be to keep quiet. 

Lastly, Never go to bed angry – After I got married she would always be ready with solid advice when I found myself about to strangle my husband. She always started with “sort this out before you guys go to bed tonight”. Thank you mom.

She and my Dad was such a duo team and they raised us to be the best person my sister and myself could be. They taught us values and morals and that family is sacred. Next time your mom dispense some advice, take it to heart as mom’s got our best interest at heart all the time.

I love you mamma and I adore you. Thank you for the person you were, to make me who I am today. You will always live on in my heart and in my actions. Know that you are missed dearly and we think of you everyday. I will see you some day again and then I will tell you about all the makeup I goodies I got recently đŸ™‚

Love ya

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  1. Your mom sounds like the most amazing mom ever, so filled with Godly wisdom. This was very special and I'm sure it brought tears to many eyes, including my own xx

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