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9 May 2016
This past weekend was mothers day and it was a very hard weekend for my family and myself. If you follow me on social media you would have seen me mention that I recently lost my mom, hence the reason for radio silence since beginning of March. 

My mom was one classy lady and she always tried to look her best. Even when she was at home and had no plans to go out. She always smelled good and looked remarkably neat. I really looked up to her and she taught me some valuable life lessons.

This past weekend was mothers day and it is the first real big day after she passed away that we as a family need to work through. I find myself looking at other people and feeling a little bit jealous as my mom and myself shared such a special bond, I miss her so much! OH here comes the tears.

These are only some of the products she was fond of using. My mom was the person I shared my makeup obsession with and she could relate and get excited with me, my sister on the other hand is the total opposite.

Revlon Nail Enamel in Love her Madly

My mom’s favorite use to be Toast of New York but then Revlon discontinued the color and this became a favorite. My mom had the most beautiful hands and nails and she always looked after them so well. She maintained them in such a lady like manner. She was fond of  oned down colors, nothing bright or radical. I would give anything just to hold her hand one more time, squeeze it tight and tell her how much I love her and how special she is.

Inglot Freedom system eyeshadow Pans

I love the Inglot Freedom System! The year before last I got her a neutral palette and she appreciated the fact that all the colors is in one palette. Now, she was not afraid of color. She knew how to use it and knew how to look stunning. When she visited me last year in October I spoiled her by getting a palette with all her faveorite colors. Told her to get rid of her “single pan” shadows and to choose any 5 colors she want (look how clever she was with the brown that she sneaked in). I will treasure this for as long as I can!

Stilla Convertible Color

Once again this is an item my mom bought when she visited me, I even got her a back up (that she never got to use). The soft cream is easy to blend, she usually used her fingers. The color suited her extremely well and she looked so pretty wearing this. I think the cream formula was a good choice for her aging skin.

Elizabeth Arden All Gone Makeup Remover

Every evening she would take off her makeup starting with this oil. She believed in a cleansing regime everyday and this was her first step at night. She also believed in good quality products. From a young age she provided us with good quality products and tried to teach us good habits. This is very gentle on the skin but very effective.

Bourjois Healthy Balance 

This is the best setting powder under the sun! I use it, my mom liked it. I think this powder is awesome cause it is good for all skin types, it keeps the shine at bay without looking cakey. It is kind of budget friendly and has got a decent size mirror on the inside (great for when you are doing your mascara on the go)

MAC Paint Pot in Stormy Pink

I took my mom to a MAC store when she was visiting and this was on display as part of a limited edition range (it is part of the permanent range though) and as we walked out the store and passed this we both said at the same time “that’s pretty, I think I want that too”. We instantly fell in love with the color. As neither of us are scared to use some color on the eye this is beautiful by itself or used as a base to make another color pop (it works awesomely for purples or blues).

Stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner

I think the one I was actually looking for is the stay all day liquid liner, but I forgot to bring this with and mine is missing in action (or the writing might be rubbed off from over use). My mom loved eyeliner. Again she was not afraid to use a colorful eyeliner or a natural liner. She was fond of brown eyeliner and lately tried her hand at the liquid liners as well.

What is your mom’s favorite items and does our mom share some similar faves? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Love ya

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