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16 May 2016
I don’t know about you, but when I am sad or stressed I always end up browsing online shops. It takes my mind off things and provide some sort of retail therapy. I don’t have to check out but when I was with my Dad in March, and everything was just sad and dark I hit the check out button and this is what I filled my cart with.

Now, right off the bat I need to compliment Red Square for the quick and effortless service they provided. I placed my order the Tuesday morning and received my parcel Thursday afternoon. Nicely and carefully packed and sealed. Well done!! And for the samples – Ai tog (such a clever trick cause it made me shop again, I just loved the perfume that came in the sample pack)

Essence Cream to Powder range

I am so glad that Red Square sell the Essence and Catrice line (and in some stores they stock the brands as well). I have been looking all over for the highlighter and could not find it – maybe cause I’m so late to the party. The formula is really interesting because when you swatch it you can feel that it is a cream product, but when you place your finger on the back of your hand the product feels like a powder. I have found that I get a better effect when using my fingers to apply these as the heat of your skin helps to blend out the blush / highlighter more evenly. Will do a full review on these or combine them with other similar cream products in a future video.

Essence Big Bright Eyes

I do not own a flesh tone color eye pencil to line the lower water line. It is said to make your eyes appear bigger and more awake. When I saw this I thought it would be the perfect product to test out, cause if it does not work or look just wrong, I have not wasted my money as this pencil is really inexpensive. I can report back that its a success! The formula is very creamy and glides on like a dream. There is no tugging at the eye at all, it is also not stark white but rather a bright flesh tone color just to add a bit of pop to your eyes. There is 3 or 4 colors in the range. The only thing I am concerned about is when the chubby stick gets blunt, as you will always have to keep it sharp which might lead to some product being wasted. But since it is so inexpensive it really is no big deal.

Smashbox Full Exposure and duo (taken from the Full Exposure palette)

This was the biggest reason for the online shopping spree! I am lusting over the Double Exposure palette (especially the travel size that is yet to appear in SA). Now if you ordered any Smashbox mascara you got a duo eye shadow that is taken from the Full Exposure palette. It is such a beautiful natural palette that will suite most people. The mascara is nothing special to me for the following reasons. The band is very big and I always end up smudging it somewhere, I also don’t find that it provide my lashes with extra magic. I will give it credit for the following. The formula is very comfortable as it is that nice in-between dry and wet formula, My eyelashes does not feel crunchy and I have not experience any transfer at all. It is easy to remove, yet stay all day. Overall it’s not a bad mascara, just not an outstanding mascara. 

They eye shadow duo is my fave from this whole shopping spree and its the smallest LOL! It really makes me consider buying the full size as well as the Double Exposure palette. The shadow blends so nicely and stays put all day long. The shimmery shadow is gorgeous and even more intense when foiled. The combination of the two colors is stunning and allows for a very natural look or a glammed up “let’s go party” look.

What is waiting in your cart at your favorite online shop. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Love ya

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