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Review – Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner

6 May 2016
Way back way when Retail Box had their clearance sale I jumped on the band wagon and got me some fancy shampoo and conditioner. I really have had bad luck in the past when it comes to high end shampoo and conditioner. This is my third time that I have purchased high end shampoo and conditioner and although its looking better it still did not meet my expectations.

At the moment my hair is quite healthy and I really try to look after them, cutting the ends every three months, trying hard to resist the urge to add high and low lights or using too many high heat styling tools. The other obstacle, is the fact that I have thin and fine hair. I have mentioned this in a couple of blog posts.

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo

This shampoo retails for R280 for 250 ml. It has a bit of a herbal smell to it, but it isn’t over powering. I found the shampoo to be of a thicker consistency than what I am use to, but you get use to it quickly and it is sulfate free aswell. The colour is also a purple type of colour that is good for people that colour their hair as it keeps the blond from going yellow.

 Although the description says that it will make a rich lather I have to contradict that a bit. Yes I agree to the rich lather part but I found that I had to use more than normal to get that lather and my hair is not even long or thick. I have found that after I have used a dry shampoo for a day or two, when it comes to washing my hair, the shampoo gets sucked up by the dry shampoo and I need to use even more than the usual. This is the first shampoo EVER that I might finish before the conditioner.

I know that this is not a deep cleansing shampoo but I sometimes feel I need a little bit more from it. Look, it does a good enough job at getting rid of the greasiness my thin and fine hair produces, I just sometimes feel that its not enough. But then I also have to admit that a shampoo or conditioner really need to almost do a miracle before I really notice a difference. Mu point is just that a shampoo that cost R100 can do the same job.

Pureology Hydrate Condition

This retails for R316 for 250 ml. It has got a minty smell and I love this. I feel that mint makes my scalp tingle a bit which in turn increases the blood flow to the hair cuticles and increases hair growth. The consistency is quite thick and is a white colour.

I can appreciate that the right side up is when the bottle is upside down as it makes sure you get to use every last bit. As I know that conditioner clogs up my thin and fine hair and it ways it down usually, I tend to use the majority from the middle of my hair downwards and only add a little bit at the roots. Just to add some moisture back (mostly after I have used dry shampoo).

Again I feel that for the price the conditioner did not blow me away. It is not a bad product at all. I enjoy using  both products. I just expect more for the price. I have note found that my hair is softer than normal or has got added benefits (volume, easy to handle, stay clean for longer).

Would I buy them again? Probably not
Did I enjoy using the Shampoo and Conditioner? I was a good experience

I do however think that if you have hair that is brittle and dry or damaged, this combo will assist help you get soft and shiny hair.

On the Retail box website you can get the combo for R485 at the moment.

What high end hair products are you using at the moment and if you have a suggestion for me on what to try next, please leave a comment in the box below.

Love ya

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  1. Dunno how I missed this post? (surprised face emoji, haha!). I've been wanting to try this shampoo for ages, thanks for the review!
    I have to admit that I am a complete, total, 100% hair snob and only use salon stuff. Admitting this in confidentiality to you, I must also admit that I've been suspicious about my obsession and I suspect I'm on the losing side of things đŸ˜‰
    More often than not, salon shampoo and conditioners fail me. Like you said, they're not worth the price tag for what you get.
    I have found something that works for me and I stick to it, but I'm always curious to know what else is out there. I've been using Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree S&C for the better part of five years. If you like the refreshing mint in this shampoo, you'll love the PM tea tree. My head still tingles with every use, I think it also contains peppermint.
    I have found, however, that the lather only comes with the second wash with salon shampoos. With the first wash, I use like a teaspoon full (and my hair is very long), and it doesn't even feel like I've used anything at all. Then I rinse, and with the second wash, using less than a teaspoon full, the shampoo will lather. Try it, maybe it works!! An id it doesn't, let me know that it's only in my head, haha!

  2. I also wanted to try this or ages and finally caved. I'll be your hair snob friend. I love salon products way more than other, but always feel a bit disappointed.

    Will most definitely try your trick and let you know if it is working for me aswell.

    I love mint (I believe it helps your hair grow faster). Your recommendation will be next on the "to try" list <3

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