Essence Trend Edition : All That Greys

13 June 2016
I am a biiiiig fan of Essence Cosmetics. Especially their trend editions, their packaging is incredible and inviting and I find it very hard to resist. Their newest trend edition was just released and it is gorgeous. There is something for everyone from nails to hair to eyes and lips and the packaging is so fitting for winter with a touch of glamour.

Eye Shadow Palette : 01 7 Shades of Rose and Grey

When I look at this palette it feels like I am looking winter in the eye and I am happy! She is dark and mysterious with a hint of color. The shadows are soft to the touch and I think (hope) they will blend well. I think that one can create an awesome look from the 4 grey shades and I am anxious to try them out. I have a slight (maybe a bit more than slight) addition to eyeshadows.

Smokey Eye Pencil – 01 Back to Black and 02 Greyt Times

These pencils follow the new trend in the market of storing the product in the cap. The grey has got a very slight sheen to it and is not as pigmented as the black one, The black one also blend more into a smokey-ness and the grey just blends away but bare in mind these were only swatches on my hand. I think these pencils will be a great addition to the eyeshadow palette.

Lipgloss – 01 Roaring Red and 02 That’s what Rose would do

The consistency of these glosses are extremely thick almost like a “lip-mouse” and they are color rich. I am especially looking forward to the vampy purple color although it is completely out of my comfort zone. To be honest I am a bit scared of the nude – hope it does not wash me out and allow me to audition for I-zombie. Funny thing is, these babies smell like cake batter. These are unlike any lipgloss / lipstick I own and it should be interesting to see how these turn out.

What do you want to get from the trend edition and do you also look out for the Essence trend editions? Let met know in the comments below.

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