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24 June 2016
As a beauty blogger I test and try lots of products. I finally finished enough products to create a post. (The previous post’s products got chewed up by my puppy and I had to through out all the products.)  Obviously not all products work for everyone and if I do not like something, does not mean it’s a bad product, you might swear by something that I do not like. Let’s jump into it! 🙂
Lee Stafford hair growth Shampoo and Conditioner

While using this combo my hair grew so much faster, I almost want to confirm that I could hear them grow. The shampoo and conditioner does not smell the best, but after you have rinsed your hair and dried it, the smell has disappeared. My hair felt soft and smooth and I would most definitely repurchase and add some other products from the rest of the range.

I got mine from Clicks @ R110 for 200ml.

Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser

This is such a gem!!! First of all it’s a gel formula that does not foam, it does not strip you skin of moisture and it is extremely gentle on your skin. It helps to cool and calm reactive, red and irritated skin. I tested it out first by getting the small bottle and fell in love instantly. I then bought the big bottle but kept refilling the small bottle as the big one was a bit clumsy in the shower. I will replace my big bottle when the bank manager is in a better mood as the price tag is a little bit up there, but hey it’s so totally worth it.

YOu can fin this at Dermlogica salons or Sorbet @ R580 for 250ml or at Sorbet they have smaller sizes at a lesser price.

Creightons Lime & Graefruit Energise Shower Burst – wow! It’s a mouth full and I want to take a biiig inhale when ever I open this tube. It’s fresh and uplifting and just what I need so earl in the morning. The packaging is awesome, I love that the right side up is actually upside down. I will for sure buy this again.

Dove Deeply Nourishing  I loved this way back when and I found one last bottle n m cupboard a few weeks back. When I opened the bottle it smelled awesome but as soon as I used it on my lufa it started to smell funky. Other than the smell I enjoyed this shower gel but I doubt that I will repurchase. 

CO – Lab

Having thin and fine hair is excusing. It’s so hard to create some volume and they get dirt extremely fast. I rel on my dry shampoo to get me to second day hair and let’s not even talk about third day hair. Now the sheer & invisible I might repurchase but the extreme volume is a no-no. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review some time in July.
Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream

I got this last year as a gift with purchase and I used ever last bit I could get out the tub. The smell is lovely, clean and fresh and the consistency feels rich and thick but it absorbs quite quickly into my skin. It leaves the skin feeling moisturized and hydrated and one day when I am all grown up, I am sure that I might just own a full size tub of this.   
Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish

This bottle is so old but it was an awesome foundation. Its only now when typing this blog post that I realized I already replaced it, the reason I did not know was cause the packaging changed. I obviously must have like it if I unknowingly replaced it again. Only difference it they changes the formula. This was a moose when you pumped out the foundation but come to think of it, they wear very similar. I will be doing a review on the new Flawless Finish this coming Wednesday. Come say hi.
The Body Shop  Vitamine E Aqua Boost Sorbet

Although this is not technically an empty I have added to my post cause I am getting rid of this product. Not so much that I do not like it, more in the line that I did not reach for it often enough and now it is past it’s expiry date. I reached more for other products because of the texture and the smell (it can be a bit of a strong smell), but trying it now, I am dissapointed I did not use this often enough. Maybe I should get another tub and put it to the test properly.
Lush Ultrabland

I love walking into the Lush store and being captured by all the smells. Unfortunately this is also one of those products I did not reach for and has now reached its expiry date. I felt that this balm did not perform as well as another that I swear by and I felt that this was a bit oily and not balm enough. I doubt that I will repurchase this. If you want to read m battle of the brands post, where I put this balm up against another, then click the link.

What products did you finish ll the way and swear by, and what products do you have to toss cause of the expiration date? Let me know in the comments below

Love ya

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