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Review – Lancome Juicy Shakers

27 June 2016

The firs time I really watched a review on the shakers was done by Coffee Break with Dani and she got me so excited that I went out the very next weekend and bough myself one. Now this was a while ago and I have been loving this gorgeous lip oil ever since. It is all I want and all you need for this winter.

Packaging : 

I think Lacome took some inspiration form the 1945 Cocktail shakers and the Juicy tubes from the 1990’s and put together the new 2016 Spring lunch of the Juicy Shaker. she is gorgeous and come in a little martini shaker. It comes in a bottle with a silver top which make it look expensive and high end. The packaging feels secure and well put together, the lid screw on which will ensure that there is no unfortunate mishaps in your handbag or makeup bag.

Applicator :

The applicator is a felt tip sponge that is shaped in ‘n pyramid shape. This shape will help that you do not go outside of your natural lip shape / line. It is really easy to apply and you do not even need a mirror. The applicator fits perfectly into the opening of the bottle and fills it completely, making sure that the sponge does not get too much product.

Staying Power :

 Because it is a oil the shininess does not last all that long, but after that it leaves behind a gorgeous subtle tint. For me, the more I apply it during the day the stronger the tint becomes. Do not apply this before you plan to eat  or drink something.

Formula :

It is a lip oil combined with a pigment. They call it a bi phased formula. It contains sweet almond oil, Omega 3 an cranberry oil and then obviously the pigment. The pigment and oil separates, so you have to give it a good shake ever time you need to use it. Surprisingly it does not feel sticky or slippy on the lips at all but rather nourishing and hydrating. I would however not use this to try an fix chapped lips, it’s rather a formula to maintain healthy lips. 

Feeling :

Like I have mentioned in the previous point, it does not feel stick or slippy but rather keep your lips nice and healthy. The pigment does not feel dry after the oil has disappeared, it rather feels like I am wearing an amazing lip balm.

Color Range : 

There are 13 colors in the range but I feel that the lighter color’s stain will not be that significant. Each color has got it’s own quirky name and smell amazing. They all have a fruit scent and it’s delicious, not overpowering or super fake at all. The scent is a pleasant experience, I can sit all day and smell my juicy shaker.

Where to find :

You can find them at certain Edgars or Red Square stores and even Stuttafords. 

Pricing : 

I bought mine from Edgars at R270 and it’s worth ever penny.

Other :

The videos Lancome has crated to market these Juicy Shakers is so quirky and fun, I love them. Go Google them and check them out, they placed a smile on my face everytime I watched them.

If you are wondering if I like these, the fact that I featured it in my May Faves that should answer your question. Click the link to check out my May Faves.

Have you tried these Juicy Shakers? What was your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Love ya

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