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Review of the Secret Box #24

15 June 2016
I am going to be very honest, when Retail Box posted that the Secret Box #24 will be available soon I stalked their website at least twice a day. I was so excited about what might be in the box and I was not disappointed. These Secret Boxes really are so much value for money that I can not recommend them enough. Then I also have to add that not only is the box awesomely wonderful the service that Retail Box deliver is of a very high standard.
When I saw on social media that the box contained products for hair that has been color treated I was thinking to myself that I feel a little bit disappointed but everyone raved about the box, so I told myself to not judge before I tried the products. On receipt of my box I opened it in the car still – do not get me wrong, I was still as excited as a kid on Christmas eve. On arrival at home I smelled the bottles and they smelled amazing. This really got me excited to try them. I have had really bad luck with high end hair care products in the sense that I pay the price but then they do not perform any better than something that I can get from Clicks or Dis-chem. These however were totally different
L’anza Healing Color Care Shampoo

They say : L’anza Healing Color Care Shampoo will ensure your hair color is extended 107% longer. Its extra mild formula is gentle on your hair and delicately lifts impurities, leaving it silky soft and shiny. Protect your hair and make sure your colour stays the way you want it to. This great product has triple UV colour protection and will leave you with added colour brilliance. This product has a PH factor of 5.5 and is free of sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride.

I can unfortunately not comment on the color aspect of their claim which is sad cause that is the main function but  currently my hair is all natural – no color and no chemical treatment. But, on the other hand there is a couple of things that I truly love about it 

When you open the cap you immediately experience the smell of a flower garden. Its lovely and the smell lingers quite some time but it is not overpowering at all. For a shampoo that is paraben and sulfate free it lathers really well. For some silly reason in my mind, if a shampoo does not lather it means my hair isn’t clean. Silly, I know! I do not feel that my hair is stripped but I can really estate to something close to a deep cleanse.

Now I am not sure if I will pay the full price of R330 when my shampoo is finished but it sure is a spurge worth the money.

L’anza Healing Color Care Conditioner

They say : L’anza ColorCare Conditioner  contains smoothing emollients that actually reduce external stress, enabling colour pigments to remain within your hair fibre. This amazing conditioner in enriched with he flower shield complex and triple UV protectors that will ensure your colour look rich vibrant and last p to 107% longer. This product has a PH factor of 5.5

Again the color part I can not comment on but I figure that if this product will help for damaged hair, just think how it will help my normal hair. And after trying it this is what I can report back. It is a perfectly good conditioner and it does what it’s meant to do but I feel it does not go back and beyond.  I start by adding the conditioner to the ends and the middle of my hair and what ever is left I work through the roots. It does not way my hair down, but I do not feel that my hair is extra soft or extra easy to work with. 

Having straight hair makes de-tangling not that big of and issue, and this conditioner does not add much help but it is good enough to not make it harder. The consistency is rather on the tick side but it is still easy to work with and disperse well through out the hair. 

Another plus point is the fact that the bottle is standing upside down. This allows me to make sure I use every last bit, I like that. All in all this conditioner is good but not something to write home about. The smell is great, it does a decent job and the fact that the right way up is up side down is awesome. Just not sure if I will pay the R330 price tag.
L’anza Healing Color Care Magic Bullet

What they say : Leave-in conditioning spray that offers colour protection and detangling. Lightweight mist so it won’t weigh down your hair. Flower Shield Complex and sunscreens protects color-treated hair. Good for all hair types wit Thermal Protection : up to 250 degrees celcious.

Because I have fine and thin hair I have not really used a lot of sprays. I always feel that they add and extra layer of stuff on my hair I do not need and that it will make my hair look greasy quickly. 
I have not experienced this problem with the Magic Bullet. The fine mist really help to disperse the product evenly and I can also attest to the fact that it does not weigh down my hair.

I just wish that this product did more for my hair. Sure having straight, thin and fine hair is not such high maintenance in the detangling and smoothing department as what it is in have to try and get volume and texture. 

Currently I use the spray as a heat protectant  spray when using my straightner (lazy way of getting rid of the frizz at the ends). I am sure that this spray is meant for much more than this and maybe I should take some more time and work with it to really find its purpose. If not I have a friend or two that might get more use from this than me.

This product sells for R390 and its a bit steep for me. I am sure that if used on the correct “problematic” hair type this will be a gem in their routine.

The secret box is a fantastic way to test high end products at a seal of a price. This box retailed for R299 and it is worth over R1000. I love visiting their site and always find something I want to add to my wishlist. Give Retail Box a visit and send them my regards.

What do you want to try from Retail Box and have you tried one of their Secret Boxes before? If so, what was your thoughts? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Love ya

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