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Review – Ultra HD Matte Lip Color

17 June 2016
I do not know why it took me so long so finally pick these babies up. Matte liquid lip sticks are all the rage at the moment and when done right it’s gorgeous. Only problem is that it can be a bit drying on the lips an emphasize dry patches. These from Revlon might just be the best of both worlds. Keep on reading to find out why. 
They say : Lightweight, high definition velvety matte color. Moisturizing, velvety feel. 100% wax-free, gel formula. Available in 16 shades

Packaging – The lipstick comes in a sleek tube with a silver cap. The finish is frosted yet smooth and add to a luxurious and classy feel. The cap screw on tightly with a click that ensures that it will no come of and cause chaos. 

Applicator – The applicator is a standard doe foot applicator, but it is thicker at the base and becomes thinner towards the end. It is perfectly shaped for and easy application. Its the perfect shape for starting at the cupids bow and ending on the farthest end of the lip. It fills the whole lip without going over the lip’s edge and over drawing the lip.

Staying Power – It lasts about 3 hours before it starts to fade. I found that it starts on the inner side of the lips and from there it starts to fade patchy. At this point it’s almost lunch time and I just reapply. By the time it starts fading again it’s almost home time. For the formula I think this is not bad at all.

Formula – The formula is quite thick and velvety. It is easy to apply and is really extremely pigmented. It takes a few minutes for the shine to disappear, but never really become 100% matte. It has a fruity yet vanilla smell and it lingers quite some time (I don’t mind the smell, but for someone which is sensitive to smell this might be a problem)

Feeling – For me this is best of both worlds because it is close to a matte liquid lipstick but it does not dry down 100% matte and become dry and difficult on the lips. It still feels moisturising and comfortable. Unfortunately this is not transfer proof but  the transfer is not that bad.

Color Range – There is 16 shades in the range which vary from nude all the way through to a deep red. I am confident that everyone will find a shade that will fit them perfectly. The range include a beautiful coral, a dusty pink even a bright Barbie pink, an orange-red, a vampy purple. Truly something for everyone.

Where to find – You can find this a most department stores (Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgars, Foshini, Truworths) I think here in South Africa we only have 8 shades.

Pricing – I paid R165 for mine. I think that the pricing is relatively on par with other brands in South Africa and it seems that it’s the going rate. I feel that the product justify the price and you get what you pay for, it did not leave me disappointed.

I enjoyed these Ultra HD Lipcolors and will continue to wear them on a regular basis. If you tried them leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

Love ya

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