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20 June 2016

A while back I use to get the Ruby Box and I looked forward to receiving my box ever month. It felt like getting  birthday present every 4 weeks. That got me thinking what other subscription boxes is out there and I did some digging. These are the boxes I would love to subscribe to.

Into the box

This subscription box is Cape Town based who deliver thoughtful curated gift boxes cross South Africa. The source products from around the world, but focus on local brands. There is something for everyone, from Accessories, foodie items, body & beaut, books & stationary and homeware. This box allow the subscribers to discover brands and products the might not have thought to pick up.

This box retails for somewhere between R250 and R300 and you have the option of month to month or three monthly.

Should you also be interested, please click the link and check them out.


I love snacking, especially over weekends. Zesty brings you  box filled with finest foods and snacks sourced from South African suppliers. With the box comes a pamphlet with information on the supplier. This is great for supporting local producers. 

The more months you subscribe for at once the cheaper the box becomes, otherwise it retails for R450 / month.

If you are a serious snacker like me and want to look into this click the link to visit their website.

Love Box from the Counter

This is what heaven is made of. You get a whole box that is filled to the brim with confectionery. I will most definitely be getting myself on of these boxes and when I do, I will share my thoughts  with you guys.

This box look to be a bi-monthly box or keep an eye on their Instagram page for details (I assume the post when the next box will be available and then you contact them for the details)
Presents in the post

This seem like a very interesting box. You can send our friend or yourself a present in the post. They support up and coming local designers and gift you or our friend with a piece from their collection.

Their subscription fee starts at R350 per month for one gift and can be amended to your need.

Here is a link to their website if you are as curious as me 

Belle Box

This is a new beauty box that was launched in May. I find it very interesting as this box seems to be based on blogger’s recommended faves. It also seem that there is more than just beauty products in the box. I might just place an order for the Jul box if I am still in time.

You can get your hands on this box for R200 a month. Bargain I say

Click the link to show them some love. <3

Happy Tail Luxury Pet Box

Now if our pets is like a child to you, mine sure is, then this box is perfect for you and your pet. It contains items like premium toys, grooming items, organic snacks, fashion and lots more. What is awesome about their box is that they also have an online shop.

These are one of those boxes that the more month in advance you sign up the cheaper your box will be monthly. A single month will cost you R499

Be the best pet owner and click the link to order our box.

What subscription boxes are you receiving each month? Please let me know if you know of another interesting subscription service in the comments below.

Love ya

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